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Escape Room - Uncharted Myth

Escape Room - Uncharted Myth

by Hidden fun games

Escape Room - Uncharted Myth

HFG Entertainments proudly presents the most fabulous point and click escape game uncharted myth. Enjoy three different stories in one spot. Come and join the world of fantasy & adventure to escape from the crux you have been trapped into.

Become a Pearl to break from the tangled realm of dreams. Explore a world you've never seen before, a story you've never heard of, and unforgettable twists and turns with unlimited levels filled with various themes ranging from fantasy, mystery, and detective thriller to fiction, you may test and increase your brain IQ while having fun and excitement.

Finally, to get out of each knock-knock stage, take a big leap and solve the riddles, and hunt for hidden objects.

Game Story:
Witch Greed:
Being a little Jack you are on your way to saving your mom by grabbing a rare cure herb. But, fate entraps you by a witch who descends you into the group of crystal worlds. Seek a way out by solving the mesmerizing solving with your intelligence to have a hand with your companion. Finish the challenging puzzles quest to escape away from the curse to save your mom.

Dream Chronicles:
Stepping into Dream Life, you are Pearl, the protagonist agreeing to help your guardian angels’ research. Unforeseen you are entangled in a dream with enormous hurdles feeling fragile. With your thirsty collectibles, and unsolvable solving you will find a way to lead out of the trap. Complete the mind-blowing puzzles and hawk the hidden objects to escape away from the last stage.

Lost Space :
Due to the black start impact, the earth loses half of its mass and gravity. Wealthy people formed hexagon communities & departed from the Earth in the year 2899 to the new Earth. You are a scientist named Hiro Lucas, the one among the poor people left behind on the earth. By solving the riddle solving, traveling to unexplored places, doing as much as hunt for new things, and math mating the puzzles to bring a solution to the Earth for saving its gravity, unlike becoming like Mars to save the extinct mankind.

Ready to explore the unopened doors of a different world. And immerse in the chronicle of escaping from each trap. Welcome to the world of escape game by escaping from reality.

• 100 brain teaser levels.
• Solve the classic riddling puzzles.
• Game Localized in 25 Languages
• Find hidden objects and explore locations.
• Stunning designs and graphics.
• Daily gifts and rewards are available
• Save your progress feature enabled.

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