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Escape Room - Soul of Justice

Escape Room - Soul of Justice

by Hidden fun games

Escape Room - Soul of Justice
Escape Room - Soul of Justice
Escape Room - Soul of Justice
Escape Room - Soul of Justice
Escape Room - Soul of Justice
Escape Room - Soul of Justice
Escape Room - Soul of Justice
Escape Room - Soul of Justice

HFG has proudly launched the soul of justice like an emotional resonance of a novel where you can taste the essence of it. Feel the different experiences and travel along with the Sprit in different locations and solve the mystery riddles.

Welcome to the mystery adventure of soul!
Absolutely new and challenging maze competition.
Can you unhitch the secrets and find a way to escape.

Challenge and excitement are awaiting you!

Explore the new journey of adventure and mystery escape. It will improve your detective skill to find all the hidden objects escape from one room to another room. Use all your skills to find out the hidden mystery to escape from the room. It has divergent levels and each level has different puzzles and stunning graphics.


  • It will improve your detective skills and if you are searching for the best investigation-based escape game then this one is the right choice.
  • Unsolved the mystery and find the truth and give justice to the Soul.
  • Explore cryptic hints, unravel the secret of a mysterious girl, and solve interesting puzzles in a stunning mini-game.

Prepare yourself to solve the lots of occult objects with attractive gameplay and unravel the different categories to enhance your logical thinking, concentration, and memory Skill. Puzzles are engaging with an endless Pleasance are waiting for you to feel the thrill and resolve the mystery.


Try it now and exercise your brain. You will never get bored up with this soul. The amazing play justice games full of baffles are waiting for you. You have to use your skills to break out of the puzzles. Find clues to solve the interesting baffles.




Drawn by an invisible force, Hero comes to meet his school-time friend, that's where he meets with a girl, whom he initially mistakes to be a baddie.
Later he comes to know that she is the spirit of a medical college student who had disappeared a while ago?
Hero is the only one who was able to see her. Initially, his friends are apprehensive about him, but slowly they begin to believe him.
Finally, Hero, The spirit, and his friends get together to unravel the mystery behind the disappeared girl


A big billionaire was poisoned and there comes the detective to find who is behind the murder attempt. He meets a girl who was the only heir of the royal blood and saves her from the murder attempts. They join hands together to unravel the dark secrets hidden in their family. Whether the detective can nab the murderers and bring justice? To know the rest, download now and start playing

- 101 Levels with different doors & exits
- Tricky Challenging brain teaser
- Beautiful graphics designs and sound
- Anime rich outlook
- Humane tips for a successful escape
- Addictive Gameplay
- Riddling Logic mysteries Puzzles waiting for unlocking
- Free game coins are given daily
- Charming rooms with lots of hidden clues and solutions
















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