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English Kid Game

English Kid Game

by whizkidzmedia


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English Kid Game
English Kid Game
English Kid Game
English Kid Game
OckyPocky is India's Favourite English Learning App for preschool kids.👪
We publish fun English (इंग्लिश) games & Topics every week 😍

Loved by 1,000,000+ kids & featured by Google in 2019, we teach:
🔤 ABCD - Learn the alphabet by playing interactive kids games
🐘Animals - dog, cat, elephant, hippopotamus, cow, goat & friends
✏️Stationery - Pencil, pen, eraser, chalk, sharpener & school accessories.

Recent Update Includes:
1) OckyPocky LIVE English & Creative Classes By India’s Best Experts
2) Global Contests Every Month

Features You Won’t Get In Any Other Kids App:
★16000+ interactive exercises: Simply speak into the OckyPocky kids games app to boost your kid’s spoken English
★1000+ wonderful kids game videos and stories for kids to enrich their learning of English
★In-App Timer: timer locks your kid out past their allowed time
★Expert vetted content which is 100% ad-free
★Leaderboard: Know your kid’s city rank, the more your kid learns the higher will be their city and country rank!
★Personalized Approach: English Learning That Uses Your Child’s Mother Tongue To Teach Better
★LIVE Classes for English & Creative Courses By India’s #1 Teachers

Download NOW and unlock your bonus:

1) New Books FREE every week
2) FREE access to 1 LIVE class every week
3) Direct Entry To Global Contests

Why learn English in the early years?
Language is one of the earliest critical skills that a kid acquires for their life long journey. Its a medium of instructions for all 3 R’s.
English opens a doorway to better education and employment opportunities in India. Unfortunately, 8 out of 10 kids from grade 2 in India can’t read a single word in English!
This eventually graduates into a massive problem of only a few of India’s graduates deemed ‘employable’ due to lack of communication skills in English.
90% of your kid’s brain will reach its growth when they are about to enter nursery school. It’s during these formative years, building a strong foundation in English can ensure the brightest future for your little one.

🏆 Achievements
★OckyPocky is one of the top Indian edtech startups (Gray Matters Capital)
★Best parenting startups to strengthen parent-child bond by BW Disrupt
★ Over 1MILLION WORDS are confidently spoken EVERY MONTH!
★Every child on OckyPocky is learning 30 new words every day, that’s 5 times more than what average toddler is learning.
★Global Triumph Awards 2021
★Hundreds of Students Love OckyPocky LIVE Classes

Experts and parents love us!

"OckyPocky app aims specifically at children and in all honesty. It aims at helping kids learn in such a friendly and relaxing way that even a two-year-old can grasp the basics. Being an educator, highly recommend this app to my friends & family. It is one of the Best apps for games for kids."
- Shivani, Educator, Founder of Crystal Playschool, Gurgaon

“I would describe OckyPocky as nutrition in a capsule. Here, by nutrition I mean, brain food- food for the child’s cognition!”
- Rohini Sethi, Child Development Expert

All of our parents who use OckyPocky Kids Games agree it’s the best game for boys and girls!

Kids Game “ Ocky Pocky”– is India’s no.1 game for Children. Play games and learn more, one of the best simple educational games for kids. Kids educational games with instant feedback and interactive exercises will move them to the next level by playing & watching kids game videos.

We’re all ears to what you have to say. After all, you'll help us become the best English learning app for preschool kids!
Send love, reviews, and questions to hello@ockypocky.com
Email: hello@ockypocky.com

User privacy is our priority, please read more - https://ockypocky.com/privacy-policy/
OckyPocky the best English educational app for kids is available for English, Hindi & Marathi speakers with kids games videos available in English, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu

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