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EMF Detector: Reader EMF Meter

EMF Detector: Reader EMF Meter

by Attractive apps

EMF Detector: Reader EMF Meter
EMF Detector: Reader EMF Meter
EMF Detector: Reader EMF Meter
EMF Detector: Reader EMF Meter

EMF detector &EMF scanner is simple EMF detector app to detect electromagnetic fields. 

Magnetic field EMF detector &EMF finder act as EMF detector tools to identify electromagnetic waves.

True EMF detector app specifically use magnetic field sensor to detect EMF fields. EMF finder – magnetic field detector identifies EMF waves.

EMF detector meter shows the accurate EMF’s readings on analogue EMF meter and Digital EMF meter.

EMF sensor android&EMF detector identifies EMF fields with following features:

EMF Detector Magnetic field Sensor

Magnetic field detector uses phone magnetic field sensor to detect Electro Magnetic field. 

EMF Detector Sound

EMF detector for android can switch on and switch off detecting sound on EMF exposition or detection of EMF fields.

EMF detector Meter

EMF detector meter on detection of EMF fields displays the EMF reading of magnetic field.Magnetic field detector shows accurate digital readings on EMF meter. 

EMF detector meter not alters the calculated EMF reading values by Magnetic field detector.

EMF Meter Android

EMF finder is free &simple EMF detector to detect electromagnetic field by using EMF meter android.
EMF meter android identify weak, high potential EMF and extremely high potential EMF in range. 

True EMF Detector App

✔EMF detector for android helps to detect hidden electromagnetic devices and electronic devices etc which emit EMF waves.

✔True EMF detector app detects EMF fields in three units, microTesla, Milligauss, and Gauss. 

✔Switching on the screen light will keep screen on during the EMF detection process.

✔EMF’s LED lights show strength of magnetic field.

✔EMF reader &EMF wave detector is handy to use.

✔Electromagnetic detector EMF scanner has friendly user interface.

High EMF Wave Detector
Electro Magnetic field detector lets you know high EMF exposure of devices.High EMF waveon EMF reader is an alert to avoid harmful waves.

How simple EMF detector functions?

• Install EMF detector app.
• Set EMF reader units, detection sound and range to detect EMF field.
• EMF finder uses phone magnetic sensor to detect EMF waves.
• Bring EMF sensor android near the entity to be detected.
• Electromagnetic detector displays EMF reading values on EMF meter.
• EMF detector LED lights will show the intensity of EMF exposure.

NOTE: This app uses magnetic field sensor. If your phone does not have this sensor, this app is not going to display any measurements.

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