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Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting

by HawksGames


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Duck Hunting
Duck Hunting

It’s time for duck hunting, hunting season is on…!!!!

Grab your equipment, gun and get ready for the the duck hunting adventure. Duck Hunting 3D gives the hunter multiple challenging hunting environments to hunt the flying ducks around a beautifully pond environment. And give the user to either play the lake level with multiple waves or the endless forest environment to make the highest scores and prove the hunting skills to his friends and other hunters of the game using the leaderboard included in the game.
In lake level hunter have to hunt certain amount of ducks before the time runs out in order to proceed to next level without shooting to other bird. In the forest endless mode hunt as many ducks as one can to make a new record and highest scores without shooting the other flying birds.

- Hunt the ducks in the lake level to earn coins to unlock the Forest level and the more accurate and fast hunting gun and buy the gun bullets from the shop using the same coins.

- Hunt the ducks in the forest level to make points to prove your hunting skills to the other hunters and make the record.

- Complete some specific objective to unlock the game achievements and earn all the game achievements

The game is for the real duck hunting lovers to fulfill their hunting desire by hunting as many ducks as they can in the real looking game environments and beautiful game play sounds. Smooth and optimized game-play, detailed graphics and realistic duck sounds will give hunting feeling to the player. Duck hunting 3D will make players free time more fun and enjoyable on their devices.

Game Features:

1. Multiple waves based Lake level
2. Endless Forest level
3. Different guns for hunting
4. Beautiful game play graphics
5. Addictive game-play
6. Beautiful game sounds

Like the game share with others, let us know your thoughts all the suggestions and feedback will be appreciated.

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