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Dream Diary With A Secret Lock Password

Dream Diary With A Secret Lock Password

by Webelinx


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Dream Diary With A Secret Lock Password
Dream Diary With A Secret Lock Password
Dream Diary With A Secret Lock Password
Dream Diary With A Secret Lock Password
Dream Diary With A Secret Lock Password

**“My dear diary with password” - better than any other you've seen! Feel free to write whatever you want, make your own diary with stickers and doodles, write about love, friends and save your funny stories in our secret diary books for girls with lock! Download **Dream Diary With a Secret Lock Password** and save each chapter of your relationship story! Secret diary app with lock enables you to lock your secrets with a special key, so that they remain private and personal! 

** Looking for “my personal secret diary with a password lock and with questions about my personal life”? Well, it's right here! Secret diary with questions and an abundance of cool features will brighten your school life – let you friends answer question in your secret diary with luck and enjoy reading their answers! 

** Save your personal notes, secrets, events from your daily life as well as your dreams, hopes and love stories! Finally, there's an all about me diary with questions that offers much more than regular “diary games for girls”:

** Customize your secret love diary to represent your unique style – change color, add stickers and write your name on it!
** Lock your deepest emotions and wildest dreams – our dream diary has a lock so that no one can open it but you!
** Write in your high school diary every day and save all your memories – write about your first crush, birthday parties, romantic dates and everything else you experience each day!
** Add emojis and make your diary entries special!
- FRIENDSHIP – your friends can fill in your diary as well! Let them answer questions, and make sure to let your secret 
- DREAM – dream catcher diary helps you remember your dreams!
- SELFIE – save pictures that will always remind you of the fun times you had!
** Journal diary with password offers even more exciting
- ZODIAC MATCH – do the stars predict a real love story between you two? Romantic diary of pure love will tell you who's your perfect match!
- LOVE CALCULATOR - check if you and your crush are compatible by entering his/hers and your name and date of birth. 
- KISSING TEST – nervous before your first date? Check how good of a kisser you are and feel confident before inviting your crush to the movies or on a romantic first date!
- PERSONALITY QUIZZES – a variety of fun quizzes!
** Download **Dream Diary With a Secret Lock Password** NOW and use our creative diary app completely FREE!

**Live your dream life and create episodes of your love story and friendship adventures! High school life should be remembered, so make personal notes about each important event. Private diary with password where you can add pictures is the best way to preserve all those cute little memories, that you want to remember all your life!

** Download the cutest diary free app with lock for girls with everything you need!

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