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Don’t Touch The Sharks Arcade Game

Don’t Touch The Sharks Arcade Game

by Ninth App


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Don’t Touch The Sharks Arcade Game

Don’t Touch the Sharks is a brand new FREE exciting and intense arcade game that is sure to get your fins in a twist! Save Puffly the fish from the sharks and push up that score as high as it can go. The brand new game from Ninth App is now available on Amazon, Google Play and the App Store for iPhone, iPad an iPod.

How to Play
The concept of Don’t Touch the Sharks may be simple but make sure you don’t start to think simple means easy!
Simply tap the screen to make Puffly swim up and guide him to the safe places between the sharks. Once Puffly has hit one side of the screen he will bounce back toward the opposite side, but beware, there will be more sharks waiting!

Can You Save Puffly the Fish??

With bright, eye-catching graphics combined with simple game play, Don’t Touch the Sharks is a great game for children and adults! With your score displayed in the background, it is nice and easy to keep track of your progress to make sure you’re beating your friends!

Can you guide Puffly to safety or will the sharks catch you?

Post your high score to Ninth App Facebook and Twitter!

Download for free now!

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