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by re:SPOT


Dollaring is idle clicking game unlike any other.
At the first glance it may look familiar, similar to other Idle Clicking games but hold on, there are things you need to discover: in Dollaring you’ll need to think twice before clicking.

There is more than one way to earn money in this game.
Just start clicking on available buttons and you’ll get there...eventually. Or, you can be man with the plan...
Start small, save and grow. Give up on manual labor and invest some money in a proper production line. Common, it’s not 1900! You can always fire that drunken brother in law and hire proper manager. Even then, you can invest in their career. Not because it is nice thing to do, but because you’ll earn more that way.
If everything else fails, you can always go underground and smuggle a thing or two.

But there is a catch: increase the wealth and the risk will increase itself.
There is almost no risk at the beginning, but as you elbow your way through the army of grey suits, risk will increase even if you stay in legal waters.
Kissing a ring of a godfather may earn you a lot of money really fast, but be prepared to pay the price. And relax, this is a game, and there is Reset button.

Depending on your wealth and the line of work, destiny will roll the dice on you anywhere between every 20 hours and 30 minutes.
It does sound scary that everything you achieved can be erased because of bad luck.
Worry no more...insurance company we have actually works. And you are insured against EVERYTHING, without small print.
Even better, you can buy insurance using in-game cash that you get for free just for playing the game.

You can use the same in-game cash for actually bending time. You can speed up passage of time. Double the speed, double the earnings, and that’s what this is all about.

And like in real life, we won’t ask you about your first million. You can earn the money in any way you want, and still come out clean.
It doesn’t seem fair? Well, it is not. Like a real life.

- Press-Kit - https://dollaring.net/press.html
- Press-Kit PDF / Short version: https://dollaring.net/assets/files/dolalring-presskit-short.pdf
- Press-Kit PDF / Walkthrough: https://dollaring.net/assets/files/DOLLARING-presskit-detailed-walkthrough.pdf
- Screenshots (PNG in ZIP archive): https://dollaring.net/assets/files/images.zip
- Dollaring logo (PNG in ZIP archive): https://dollaring.net/assets/files/logo.zip

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