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Dog vs Cat RPS Battle

Dog vs Cat RPS Battle

by Ake apps


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Dog vs Cat RPS Battle
Dog vs Cat RPS Battle
Dog vs Cat RPS Battle
Dog vs Cat RPS Battle
Dog vs Cat RPS Battle
Dog vs Cat RPS Battle

Dog vs Cat RPS Battle is an Epic Battle between a dog (you) and an angry cat.

"An addicted Rock-Paper-Scissors game combined with cute Dog and Cat Battle"

The angry cat never stops, so do you. It throws a fishbone as soon as it tells you the chosen one (rock, paper or scissors). You'll have time to think just only a blink of an eye, and you'll have to choose either rock, paper, or scissors to respond.

The dog will throw either a bone or a big rock depending on what you chosen. Dog and Cat Battle continues as long as you respond correctly and in time, otherwise the dog may get hurt.

The quicker you respond the angry cat, the higher score you'll get.
Do you see a bottle on the rock? The potion liquid will be added to bottle as your level goes up. The number shown on the label is the rate of your score boosting if you break it. You'll get higher rate if you wait for higher level. But be careful, you'll lose it and have to start over if you lose the battle. Use it wisely at the right timing.

Be careful: Never throw a big rock. It's too heavy.; Collect potion and use it at the right timing.


[Game Play]

  • Unstoppable Rock-Paper-Scissors Battle Game
  • Collect potion liquid for score boosting
  • The quicker you respond the higher score you'll get
  • Challenge increases instantly. Stay focused and Never let your guard down.
  • Cute little angry Cat and the under dog
  • You can be a hotdog
  • You can be a dog throwing a bone to the angry cat
  • The bone is on fire!
  • Play as many as you want

[Universal App]

  • Download once and play it across all your devices

[Game Center] - iOS Only

It's fun to compete Hi-Score with other people. Don't just play it alone. Login to Game Center and see your ranking.

  • Achievements: Collect all badges
  • Leaderboard: Compete with people all over the world. Show them your Hi-Score

What's New in Version 1.1
Dog vs Cat RPS Battle has been upgraded.

  • Score system upgraded. Your score is boosted!
    • The quicker you respond the angry cat, the higher score will get.
    • Rate of level up changes for more control.
    • Added a potion bottle. Potion liquid will be filled as your level goes up.
    • Break the bottle to use potion. Your score will be boosted according to the rate shown on the bottle.
    • It's fun to compete with other people. Don't forget to login to Game Center to see your ranking. Game Centre score posting improved.
  • A potion bottle is available for score boosting. Collect the liquid and use it wisely.
  • The dog is on fire,he's now a hotdog and the underdog.
  • The bone is also on fire.
  • The sky is more blue.
  • Added 2 themes just for fun (Halloween and X'mas)
  • Added a balloon showing number of times you've been playing.
  • You can now make the dog and cat fall in love with you, or just make them sad by tapping the balloon.

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