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by Geroirge fedd


Consult with a licensed, emergency-experienced physician in 15 minutes, through video. Available 24 hours, every day.

Did you know almost 75% of doctor visits can be handled without a doctor ever seeing you?

And while your doctor may perform a physical exam on you, 95-97% of physical exams are normal.

Going to the doctor can be a hassle. It disrupts your day, it takes away from your family, it may cost you lost wages at work, and worst of all, you still have to pay for your copay and cover your deductible.

If that wasn't bad enough, you can't see them at night during late hours.

What insurance companies don't tell you is that only around 10% of people actually cover their deductibles each year. That means that you pay hundreds of dollars each month for health insurance that will likely NEVER pay a dime back to you. You're responsible for your copay and the doctor visit!

DocChat has a flat price of $50 to see a doctor (with unlimited subscriptions available), so you won't have to worry about whether your insurance is going to cover your doctor visit.

How many times have you forgotten to ask your doctor a question or forgot how to take your medication? DocChat allows you to follow-up with your doctor for free after your visit. Other companies will be happy to charge you for another visit.

Some benefits of DocChat:

- Available 24/7

- No time limit to each consultation. Other telemedicine apps limit your time to as little as 10 minutes

- Ask unlimited follow-up questions to your doctor after the video consultation. You even get her phone number!

- Prescriptions sent to a pharmacy closest to you

- We call you back to check on your progress after your visit

- Our mission is to do the right thing for the patient, even at great expense to ourselves.

Is telemedicine legal?

Yes! Most states allow a doctor to establish a patient-provider relationship through a video visit. That means your DocChat doctor is as liable for your care and well-being as a doctor you would see in person would be.

What can my doctor do on a telemedicine visit?

Your doctor can prescribe medication (non-narcotics), diagnose your condition, or refer you to the appropriate specialty. If you need a note for work or school, we can provide that as well.

DocChat doctors are available for you if you have a question, forgot how to take your medication, or if you're simply not feeling better. You can IM them through the app or call their personal phone numbers.

DocChat is available in CT, DC, FL, GA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MT, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WA, HI, and expanding to other states.

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