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Dinosaur Run 2

Dinosaur Run 2

by dinosaurgames


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Dinosaur Run 2

A large number of dinosaur games are able to survive and flourish throughout the ages.  Choose your dino, put on your running shoes and your favorite hat, and escape extinction! Dinosaur game exploded onto the mobile market in North America and Europe in which Dino Run 2 is a prehistoric realtime multiplayer (and single player) exploratory 2D platformer with an extreme sense of urgency!

Dino Run 2, the sequel to Pixeljam Games' side-scrolling extinction platformer, Dino Run. Dino Run 2 was slated to be an upgraded, fresh game for the Dino Run franchise, with randomly generated levels, multiple dino characters to choose from and multiplayer options, set to launch in January for PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya.

Dino Run has you as a small dinosaur trying to outrun a wave of deadly asteroids. You scuttle across dirt, hop along dinosaur’s backs, hitch lifts from passing flying dinosaurs, and that’s about all I remember. It was lovely to look at though and it scratched that teenaged itch to compete with friends over high scores.

As with previous Dino Run games, you take control of a dino surfing on the edge of doom which is all beautifully rendered and depicted in low-res, retro style graphics which boast stunning, fluid animations.

If you enjoyed playing this game, why not head over to dinosaurgames.me page to play?This game on web Dino Run 2 for free looks like it could be something very special, so lets hope they meet their target!

How to play:

M key toggles music, space bar pauses. AWSD or Arrow keys move the dino, or use a combo of both. SHIFT key gives you a speed boost, which recharges every 20 seconds or so. Press down while jumping for an air attack. The game can be played in CHALLENGE or SPEEDRUN mode. It defaults to challenge, which is a collection of 7 levels. Speedruns can be unlocked and chosen in the OPTIONS screen. You need Bones to unlock speedruns (and buy goodies). You get bones by eating critters and reaching milestones. Earn DNA by collecting eggs and eating critters. Use your DNA to upgrade your dino.

Thanks for reading, and please consider helping us realize the dream of making the ultimate sequel to Dino Run... let's make prehistory together!

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