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Dinosaur Monster Live Wallpaper

Dinosaur Monster Live Wallpaper

by Eric Poleo

Dinosaur Monster Live Wallpaper
Dinosaur Monster Live Wallpaper
Dinosaur Monster Live Wallpaper
Dinosaur Monster Live Wallpaper
Dinosaur Monster Live Wallpaper

Go back to the ages when dinosaurs walked the Earth! "Dinosaurs Live Wallpaper" free app for Android ™ gives you the best dinosaur wallpaper that will leave you breathless. So if you want to personalize your phone or tablet these top live wallpaper is the best solution for you. Do not miss the opportunity to download a free app, it's a chance to have a life HD backgrounds for free!
Feel like you are in Jurassic Park, watching tyrannosaurus T-Rex, triceratops and predators. You have to admit that the feeling is great because these best live wallpapers that look so realistic and real works of art. Take a dinosaur LWP you like and decorate your home screen and be proud of the new look of your phone or tablet.
Recently removed many movies where the characters are ancient animals. Consider the interesting facts about dinosaurs.

1. According to scientists from the most primitive dinosaurs are Eoraptor lunensis. Its length does not exceed 1 meter, dinosaur nalezhyv to a number of theropods. Scientists have found his skeleton in 1933 during excavations conducted in Argentina.
2. In the US state of Kentucky scientists have discovered the remains of the oldest dinosaur - he lived 310 million years ago.
3. Dinosaurs considered the largest of all the animals that lived on Earth. But even among these giants alone is Supersaurus kind of weight, which is equal to the weight of 10 elephants.
4. Speaking of interesting facts about dinosaurs, it should be noted and their life - they lived more than a century.
5. Some dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus - a typical inhabitant of the Cretaceous period were herbivores. The body length of this type was less than 9 meters.
6. And here is the "extended" dinosaur - a Brachiosaurus. According to the reconstruction of his body detected prints on foot, he had a length of about 48 meters.
7. resemble our usual rhino triceratops that the man in the street was the Cretaceous period, had a body length of 7 meters. This herbivores lived in North America.
8. The citizen of Europe and North America Cretaceous plesiosaur times was an animal with a very long neck. And dinosaur body length was 16 meters. It is carnivorous, feeding on marine invertebrates and fish living in the sea.
9. Another resident of the Cretaceous period - tyrannosaurus that inhabited Asia and North America, with a body length of 14 meters was the largest known carnivorous of land animals.
10. The smallest representatives of these animals were a little more chicken. They were residents of France, Germany and Russia (kopsohnatus type) and the current US state of Colorado (type fabrozavriv). Kopsohnatusa length - 70-75 cm and weighs 3 kg, fabrozavriv - about 75 cm, and they weigh more than 6 kg.
11. torozavriv was the largest skull - almost 3 meters long, and weighs 2 tons. Roslynoyadnoho lizard neck of the bone protecting shield. With a length of about 7.6 meters, this dinosaur weighed almost 8 tons.
12. Scientists have developed a method for determining the speed of movement of dinosaur tracks on the parameters, laid them.


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