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Dino Car Battle-Driver Warrior

Dino Car Battle-Driver Warrior

by Digitalmarkerters


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Dino Car Battle-Driver Warrior
Dino Car Battle-Driver Warrior
Dino Car Battle-Driver Warrior

Want to deal with dinosaurs? A new era: Dangerous Dinosaurs are Back! They didn´t die, they are still alive ...and furious!
Now you can play one of the best free Game 3D: Drive´n´shoot Cars & Dinosaurs Face to Face with them driving your armed SuperCar. 

Powerful weapons, unlimited ammunition in this spectacular Crash´n Drive Demolition Cars vs Dinosaurs Battle 

Extreme Danger! Dare with these predatory monster animals in the best explosive and vivid battle for iOS! Super Drifts !Thrilling action and intense destruction. Unlimited Ammunition. The rules? Kill or be Killed! Is not for the faint hearted !! 

Drive 7 different and amazing fast Supercars armed to the teeth!
Four different scenes : Gladiator Arena; Airport; Harbour and Stadium

Never have you imagined driving a powerful armed supercar, fighting with dinosaurs and other warrior cars in the same battle!

How long can you survive? Enjoy eliminating furious Dinos and dangerous adversaries... 
Feel the thrill of challenging everyone in the free Gladiator Arena! 
Car lovers & Dinos lovers must play!

Easy to control realistic and impressive professional drifts, forward and backward !
Drifting fast in sand and asphalt. Burn the asphalt while you are looking for the best position to shoot and kill!

High quality visuals and advanced real physics . Realistic Car damage.
Different camera angles: third person, In Car view and first person.
Realistic driving of all aspect: engine; dust ; smoke; suspension; physics; 

Drive, drift & feel the incredible Battle Dinos vs. Cars
Beautiful and funny graphical screen!

In this Battle you will have many other enemies: armed cars that will go against you. You are a warrior but you will be alone against all of them! Please, don´t kill the big Brachiosaurus, they are good vegetarian guys!
Test your ability to drive a fast supercar killing wild dinos and enemy cars in a Arena Gladiator and other scenarios.

You will need a powerful arsenal and a clever strategy to bring down these dangerous beasts and destroy as many armed enemy cars as you can. 

In the Full Game:
-No Ads 
- 4 different gameplay scenes
- 7 supersport cars
-15 powerful weapons

No Ads
Audi R8 Supercar
Two weapons: Seeker Gun and Railgun
Unlimited ammunition
Arena Gladiator Scene
Free change of paint car color
Is not needed to buy ammunition, fuel, lives, etc. They are unlimited.
There are no upgrades to buy, they are all included in the player car at start

Main Camera with Third Person, In Car and Front vision
Follow Camera to see the laterals of the player cars
Partial Autoacceleration (x5)
Max Speed = 250 Km/h
Backward Speed = 70 Km/h
Slider for Music volume
Single Player mode
Run with partial autoacceleration to be concentrated in battle while firing

Please, Rate and give us your feedback  for improvements

Please contact us if you have any bug or problem

Thanks very much

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