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Cute Fish Adventures

Cute Fish Adventures

by Useful Games for Kids


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Cute Fish Adventures
Cute Fish Adventures
Cute Fish Adventures
Cute Fish Adventures
Cute Fish Adventures

Play the best game about sea life for kids and toddlers! Spend your time under the sea together with a super cute fish Bubbles and her friends! Have fun exploring 9 amazing activities and play the games that you love! Exciting underwater adventures like puzzle solving and memory games will help your kids develop logic and reasoning. All this together with a super cute fish Bubbles to dress up and take care of!

> Take care of Bubbles, clean her from the dirt and feed to make her smile again!
> Dress her up with fashionable accessories and change Bubbles color to your favorite!
> Build tropical sea animals and have fun coloring them!
> Complete the puzzle and play memory to see an amazing picture of your cute pocket fish!

9 super cool mini games will keep kids excited every day and help them learn about the wonderful life under the sea!


Happy Painting
Build and meet the fun sea animals: crab, sea horse and tropical fishes. Color them with a paint brush and make the sea animals happy!

Dirty Fish
Clean up Bubbles from the dirt she got swimming in the ocean! When your pet fish is well cleaned and free from bacteria, feed her and make her smile again! With your help, this super cute fish will be very happy!

Memory Game
Memory is a favorite game of all generations. It is super easy to play - in fact, it is so simple that even the youngest children can play with ease. Try to match different fishes and learn about them while having fun!

Dress Up Accessories
Make your cute fish look stylish with a dress up game and a lot of accessories!

Dress Up Color
Change the color of your cute fish and match it with your favorite color to make Bubbles your unique personal super cute pet fish!

Swim with Bubbles and catch coins! But be careful and avoid the other fishes!

Catch the Fish
Tap the screen and catch the moving fishes!

Puzzle Game
Play the puzzle game to see the picture of your super cute fish!

Each time you complete a level, you will get a special prize - a fish or a shellfish! Collect them all and make a collage of your rewards in your own sticker book!

Discover the magical sea world and the amazing marine life! Live the exciting adventure with your super cute fish. Have fun and play free kids games!

- A very adorable pet fish to take care of!
- Play 9 super cool mini games for kids and toddlers!
- Dress up your fish with fashionable accessories!
- Collect 12 surprise shellfishes and see what they look like when you get them!
- Enjoy kids favorite playtime activities!
- Astonishing graphics, sound effects and super cute fishes!
- Easy to play even for toddlers and little kids!

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