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Currency Rates PRO

Currency Rates PRO

by Mohamed Barakat


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Currency Rates PRO
Currency Rates PRO
Currency Rates PRO
Currency Rates PRO
Currency Rates PRO

Convert between 168 global currencies, gold & silver with live forex rates. View charts and the detailed performance comparisons between your favorite currencies. Query Historical Rates. Convert amounts while being offline in this unique and comprehensive FREE app.

> Live rates from the forex market directly to your device
> Full support for 242 countries around the world
> Crude Oil Rates with daily updates
> Historical rates for periods up to 16 years
> Rate changes and watch the ups and downs with wonderful graphs in a variety of time periods
> Currencies Wall to monitor the performance of your preferred currency against any number of currencies
> Gold & Silver rates for different carats in your preferred currency with detailed graphs in different periods
> Automatic Rate updates, to be with you wherever you are without having to be online with less power consumption and online data usage
> Live Automatic Updates for your Wall, to accurately monitor the changes on your favorite currencies
> Share currency rates and graphs with your friends & colleagues easily
> Locate Banks & ATMs within 5 kilometers with a detailed view of their locations on the map
> Keep informed with the latest economic news
> Compare and get best rates for your currency while traveling to Egypt with our Egyptian Banks rates viewer after Egyptian Pound floatation.

Wonderful & FREE Features
> Convert between currencies, gold, silver and oil prices without a network
> Personalized Rate Alerts with simple and easy setup
> Receive automatic notifications on your device when your alert is triggered

Personalized Experience
> Shake the device for rate updates
> Adjust the frequency of automatic updates
> Select the number of decimal places
> Control and sound effects accompanying the application
> Control the news sources
> Control app colors by choosing from dozens of FREE themes

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Help us making our app a better one. for any inquiry, ideas, suggestions don't hesitate to contact us at:
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