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Couple Lovely Suit New

Couple Lovely Suit New

by ATM Apps


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Couple Lovely Suit New
Couple Lovely Suit New
Couple Lovely Suit New
Couple Lovely Suit New

Couple Photo Suit Download is the latest fashionable and stylish app for couples we developed special purposes app "Couple Lovely Photo Suit New" Download FREE.
Couple Lovely Photo Suit New is just an application that allows you to try on different costumes as well as the awesome background.Couple Photo Suit is where 
you can get charming photo suits for the beautiful pictures you want to photo frame with your partner.Couple suit photo and get a virtual cupboard that complements 
your individual style. If you are fascinating with every day life vogue and image suit, the my Couple Photo Suit offers installation to the offline camera result and the 
more frames for you. Simply take a picture of your camera or select  the picture from the gallery and start editing. Couple Suit is like different costume in personalized 
style and here you can get a custom suit. You can not buy any costume donated by us its a free to used and apply in your face.
Each costume has a unique style. When you start the application directly, you will see your face in very colorful costume and put your beautiful face in suits.Best 
family photo costume. Family group photo set. Make your own family photo costume. Create a couple and a family photo costume.This nice Photo Suit couple is 
made for couple. No need to buy the garment everything is ready in this android application for you. Simply take a picture of your camera apps or select the picture
 from the gallery and start photo editing. This is the wonderful android free application for couple who likes to take more pictures with costume effects.

App Features :

- Friendly Interface
- All types of couple photo suits are provided.
- Very easy to use this app.
- Take image with gallery or take new image with camera.
- Click suit button after show all suits displayed.
- If u change your image Re-click framed area.
- Set it properly by Rotate option.
- Zoom in and zoom out options are also available for adjusting your picture.
- Type your names with different fonts and colors available.
- If you chnage the text placement to slowly move your own place.
- Delete feature available.
- After decorate your suit directly saved your SD card.
- Finally edit your frame to send and share via social messengers..
- Click View files button see your output suit image.

If you like this app please send your suggestions and comment to atmsapps@gmail.com

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