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Cook & Count

Cook & Count

by Health Apps Ltd

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Cook & Count
Cook & Count
Cook & Count
Cook & Count
Cook & Count
Cook & Count
Cook & Count
Cook & Count

THE calorie and carbohydrate counting app designed for home cooking.

Cooking from scratch is much healthier and tastier than eating ready meals, processed foods and takeouts. But most people are not aware of how many calories are in what they eat. In the supermarket, if we want to see how many calories or carbs are in a particular food or meal, we look at the label on the packaging. But when we cook at home we don’t get a label with the nutritional information on it for the whole dish. So how do we know what’s in there? Cook & Count calculates that nutri info for us, for any dish we want to prepare. And it gives us the amounts per serving too. None of that fiddly maths any more.

Cook & Count is a beautifully designed, easy and fun to use app for creating and storing recipes in your own digital recipe book. It really helps with calorie awareness. 

Recommended by dietitians and nutritionists; and specialist diabetes dietitians, nurses and educators.

Approved by the UK National Health Service (NHS) and listed in the NHS Health Apps Library. 

User reviews

•    “I had no idea how many calories were in what I was cooking – now I’m eating smaller portions of the high calorie things and I’ve already started losing weight. So useful!”
•    "It is hard to imagine how the app could be improved - and that is a very rare thing for me to say."
•    “we love this app … makes life so much easier for our daughter”
•    “a very useful app for me as I count carbs in grams so I finally have an easy way to total up all my meals accurately rather than an approximation based on a photo”

What makes Cook & Count the best:

•    The only nutritional info app that works properly and accurately for home cooking and is recommended by the medical community
•    Unlike other health and fitness apps e.g MFP, custom data in Cook & Count is not shared with other users. This protects you from inaccuracies
•    This makes it really quick – no need to wade through 5 million foods in a database!
•    Feel so much healthier because you can focus on eating proper food, not prepackaged or processed foods
•    Beautiful design – a joy to use

  • No adverts or in-app purchases
  • Works offline
  • Carefully chosen recipes to inspire and get people started. 
  • Make your recipe by choosing your ingredients and entering the amounts. Cook & Count will find all the nutritional info, add it all up and give you the nutritional info for each portion.
  • Divide by number of portions or see the nutri info per weighed portion.
• Create your digital recipe book with all your favourite recipes in one place together, and go back and edit them if you want to.
  • US database: 3000 ingredients. From US government database: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Ref, Release 27.
  • UK database: 2000 ingredients. From UK government database from the Food Standards Agency
  • Option to allow for reduction in weight of a recipe during cooking = greater accuracy
  • Choose from weight or non-weight measures, such as cups, spoons, liquid measures. Also average measures e.g. small, medium or large carrot 
  • Add custom ingredients if you can’t find them in the database 
  • Photograph your dish and save it in your recipe book
  • Share with friends and family on Facebook & Twitter

Cook & Count is perfect for:

•    Anyone following a diet that looks at calories, carbohydrate, fat, protein, sugars or fiber, or simply wanting to make healthier food choices
•    Carb counters such as people with type 1 diabetes, or with type 2 diabetes who need insulin, and their families, friends and carers
•    People with type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, pre-diabetes or those who have been identified as at risk of developing type 2 diabetes
•    Special diets such as 5-2, Newcastle or ‘If It Fits Your Macro’
•    Health Care Professionals who educate patients about specific diets or weight loss
•    Athletes or those doing sports training who need to increase or decrease their carbohydrate, calorie, fat or protein intake
•    Perfect both for adults and for children starting to cook

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