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Coney Fury (Alpha Build)

Coney Fury (Alpha Build)

by HiveX LLP


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Coney Fury (Alpha Build)
Coney Fury (Alpha Build)
Coney Fury (Alpha Build)

*NOTE: This game is still in the alpha development phase. More features will be added as time passes.

You are a coney in this game. You are tiny, cute and innocent; except you carry bombs on your back.
Lock and load those bombs as the game pits you against other players in an immensely fun multiplayer bomber game.
Strategize your way to victory by confusing and trapping your opponents, limit their paths and force them into a corner!

What are you waiting for? Download now for an incredible journey down the memory lane with one of the best known classic bomber style game in 2020!

Game Features:
- 4P Multiplayer game - Go up against random opponents and bomb your way to the top!

- Classic Retro bomber-style Gameplay - Easy UI controls specifically designed for mobile gaming!

- NO forceful Ads - You hear it here from us here, the developers. Hate that banner ad? Disgusted by sudden pop-up ads in-between sessions? Don’t worry, we take our players’ gaming experience as our top priority. You will only be given ads to watch if you want to, in exchange for other in-game items!

- Player-oriented mobile game - Want a certain feature? Feel that something can be done better? We will hear all your voices. Join our Discord channel and share your ideas with us and it may very much be in with the next update!

Upcoming features:
- Power-Ups - Gather power-ups to strengthen your gameplay and put yourself in advantage over other players
- Avatars - Get access to a big wardrobe filled with clothing, hats, suits and accessories to customize your coney! Showcase your coney in any style you like!
- Custom Lobby - Want to play with 3 other friends? No problem! We are working on it and will release this feature in the near future!

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