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by Elemenoh Petrel


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Most people organize their task list by the calendar, which doesn't guarantee that things will get done efficiently. Completo is organized by priority, which we've found in beta tests to deliver a 40% boost in productivity. We’ve based Completo on a combination of best practices from the business realm and cutting edge neuroscience research to create a tool that doesn’t just keep you organized, it makes you more productive. 

Key Features:
* Logical reminders Instead of remembering things when they’re useful to us, our memories tend to kick in at the most inconvenient times, like right in the middle of the night. Completo circumvents those useless memory jolts, establishing a routine that makes it easier to stay on top of every task on your to-do list.
* Work and Life combined Although you can split tasks out into categories, on your priority list, everything is displayed at once, eliminating the tendency to forget about either life or work items when you're just looking at one or the other. 
* Multi-level organization : Organize your list by priority first, then date and category.
* Long-term tracking : Add tasks that are a week, a month, or more out and Completo will automatically pull them forward in your list as time goes on. Never be surprised by a long-term deadline again!
* Reporting - Track your progress and watch your productivity soar!
* Sharing - Share a category with multiple tasks with a friend, family member, or colleague to track everything from grocery lists to work projects. PRO users can share more.
* PRO Feature - Recurrence - Set tasks to recur daily, on week days, weekly, or monthly.
* PRO Feature - Subtasks - Set subtasks for projects with distinct milestones, or to create to-do lists to check off (great for groceries). 
* PRO Feature - Add images - Take a snapshot of the whiteboard from your product meeting, or snap a pic of the label of the exact cookies you want your roommate to pick up at the store and add it to any task.

Completo is a free to download and use app, Completo Pro unlocks your true productivity potential with enhanced features such as unlimited tasks, unlimited subtasks, photo uploading, increased sharing and more for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year through an auto-renewing subscription.

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