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Color Flood Fill

Color Flood Fill

by McGeeMind Games

Color Flood Fill
Color Flood Fill
Color Flood Fill
Color Flood Fill

Color Flood Fill - The most addictive Flood Fill game in its category. An easy to play puzzle game with very simple and cool design! Goal of the game is to fill whole game board with one color in minimal amount moves!

Best for pleasing eyes and mind as well. 

How to Play:
Game is started with randomly generated board(based on mode/difficulty you choose).
You need to start flooding color with top left pixel. Select any of 6 colors to start with by simply tapping on color button at the bottom, Fill first pixel and all adjacent pixels of the same color will be painted over with the new color. 
The goal is to fill the whole board with single color in minimal amount of moves as you can!

The less moves you do, the better you are!

★★★ Game Features ★★★
★ Randomly generated boards!
★ Simple and easy single tap control!
★ Light and smooth game play!
★ Beautiful pleasing color scheme!
★ No time constraints!
★ Three game modes: Level, Challenge and Zen!
★ 3 difficulty levels: Easy (7x7), Medium (13x13), Hard (22x22)!
★ Game is 100% free, No purchases are required!
★ Compatible with tablets and high res devices!
★ Mind relaxing game, which you can play for couple of hours!
★ Suitable for both Adults and Kids!
and much more...

Level Mode:
A Level based color flooding from low difficulty to higher in further levels. 
The no of moves in each level is set in a way which makes the game challenging but you can still complete each level by exercising your mind.
Easy to play but with an increasing challenge.

Challenge Mode:
A challenge with unlimited moves to complete. This mode have no move limitations to complete game. But you need to complete game in minimal amount of moves. 
You have three difficulty levels to start with.
Beat your personal best and challenge your friends too!

Zen Mode:
This is endless game mode in which it checks your ability to reach at maximum PASS!
Let's check your best PASS.

Best if your are getting bored and want to kill some time with eye and mind relaxations!

Color Flood Fill would be the most addictive color game you have ever played!
Sounds simple? Lets see what you can do...

We are waiting for your feedback to make game better. Please send your valuable suggestions or bug reports directly to us instead of posting them in your app reviews.
Email: mcgeemindgames.care@gmail.com

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