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Clean Wizard with News Tracker

Clean Wizard with News Tracker

by Jagdeep Sharma

Clean Wizard with News Tracker

The world’s only Android Optimizer and Battery Saver app with its customizable personal favorite news tracker features.Clean Wizard helps to accelerate and clean memory up over 1 Million Phones. It also provides real-time Customizable Personal News Tracker with Unlimited Keywords. It increases the speed & RAM booster of the mobile and clear unwanted junk files&memory.

Clean Wizard solves following problems:-

1) You can use fragment time to pick up latest news.

2) Your battery has started draining quicker than use this app to save battery life.

3) Your device has become laggy and freezes all the time than try clean wizard to boost up.

4) You don't have enough space to take more pictures or install apps than clean wizard helps to killing junk files.

Special Features:
Keywords:CleanWizard, clean, powersaving, tools,anti-virus,news-tracker,file manager, space-saving,efficient, accelerate, battery, Android optimizer.
2) Quick Clean: Just one-tap click will clean up your Cache Junk, Obsolete APKs, ad Junks, duplicate pictures and screen-shots to revive your devices and boost their performance.
3) Clean Wizard: It combines the advanced functionality of task cleaner, speed and RAMbooster with intellectual storage (junk &cache) analyzer. It can easily clean junk (cache) files from your system, increase free storage space, and make your phone run faster than ever.
4) AVL Anit-virus: Integrate pro AVL Anit-virus function to protect your Android devices away dangers.
5) File Management: Easy management of your pictures, videos, music, and documents to release the storage for a better performance.
6) Tools (All-In-One): Compass, QR Code scan, File Manager, Flashlight, Power Saving Switch, and more lifesavers to come.
7) Apps Management: Quick un-installation of useless apps to optimize the space and clean the junk.
8) Personal News Tracker: Personal News Tracker keeps daily updates on all the favorite news of particular keywords you want to keep an eye on. Fully use your spare time to capture what's going on in the world.

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