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City Moto Biker 2016

City Moto Biker 2016

by Mas3dStudio


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City Moto Biker 2016
City Moto Biker 2016
City Moto Biker 2016
City Moto Biker 2016
City Moto Biker 2016

City Biker 2016 is a real physics motor engine game with collection of awesome powerful bikes.Explore the city streets with a fast motorbike in the latest Moto City Biker Simulator 2016. Vast city landscape with a upgraded super bike. You will be able to ride around with crazy city stunts. Race through traffic and gain high speeds with the upgraded nitro boost to get to the crime scene as quick as you can. Feel the need for speed and thrill of justice while riding the super charged police moto bike!

This is your chance to unleash your inhibitions. Weave through the convoluted paths of the no-rules city on your monster bike. The whole city is yours! With traffic regulations, this is unlike any day-to day racing of boxed in roads.Steer your bike through bizarre routes and dodge treacherous obstacles.This endless extreme sports bike riding game is all about having fun! Power up with each level, and with a variety of sports bike models to chose from, you can outdo your expectations in performing stunts. Boost your riding and racing skills! Don the coolest gear to match your prowess with style.

City Biker 2016 is a fun and exciting open world Motorbike driving simulator where you control a super fast motorbike of your choice. Become a talented motorbike driver in City Biker 2016 where you can go really fast with the help of nitro so the bike can accelerate to extreme speeds and zoom through the city streets and perform amazing stunts on hug stunt ramps.You can earn virtual money to buy better and better bikes.

Make drift, twists and slips to prepare yourself as a real Moto City Biker racer.During your journey bundles of Wood Cylinders and many other hurdles try to stop your World tour.Wear helmet, ignite your super fast Honda Heavy Bike and accelerate to finish Track line.More Realistic physical effects, exciting game music!There are cross, race, city, chopper, endure, scooter bikes in the game.


- Intelligent Traffic System - AI Cars and Motorbikes
- Harley Davidson,Super Bike, Chopper and many more
- NITRO Power
- Easy,Simple and smooth controls
- Multiple sports bikes to unlock
- Fantastic suspension
- Real World Environments
- Realistic Camera Views
- Beautiful Full HD Graphics
- Realistic engine sounds
- Realistic physics behavior
- Realistic acceleration control

If you like Simulator Games and Motorbike Driving, try it for FREE.Reach the top of the Skyscraper in a big city. I think it is not possible.We make HUGE effort for you to enjoy Real City Biker Driving Simulation.Amaze everyone with your superior skills while executing some of the gnarliest stunts in City Biker 2016.Experience this thrilling adventure now!

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