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Cat Feeder: ReVolution

Cat Feeder: ReVolution

by Noble Cat Games Sp. z o.o.


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Cat Feeder: ReVolution
Cat Feeder: ReVolution
Cats rule the world in arcade game Cat Feeder: ReVolution

Do you still think you rule your own home? The truth is that the humans, starting from ancient Egypt, knew that cats ruled the world. Their scratched walls are the proof. Over the centuries, men tried to disguise the truth. Wicked attempts as we are continually on the top of the hierarchy in every home.

Now it’s your task to feed your lord in Cat Feeder: ReVolution to help him grow big and healthy. Let me remind you that cats like to eat meat, shrimps and other fragrant delicacies. No cat will atempt to try citrus fruit, juice or other disgusting food.

If you want to pamper your pet, throw away from the table everything that does not appeal to him. If the right food goes to the cat, you get 1 point. Every harmful food eaten by your furry friend will cause 1 point loss(you’d better not let it happen!).

It is never too early to feed your cat!

Main features

Cat Feeder includes:

★ 5 levels;
★ 3 cats;
★ 7 achievements;
★ Leaderboard;
★ Multilanguage: Polish, English, Deutsch;
★ Free game;

Download game, feed cats, beat records, discover new levels. Good luck!!

Control system

The game uses a touch system. You can play in Cat Feeder: ReVolution by:

- sliding your finger across the screen, dropping the wrong food or
- pressing the food buttons on both sides of the screen.

Cat feeding has never been easier.

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Cat Lovers, If you want to share your observations, thoughts or ideas, please contact us on info@noblecatgames.com. Greetings!

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