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Candy Smasher Sugar Crush Jelly Beans Game

Candy Smasher Sugar Crush Jelly Beans Game

by Jean Ronald


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Candy Smasher Sugar Crush Jelly Beans Game
Candy Smasher Sugar Crush Jelly Beans Game
Candy Smasher Sugar Crush Jelly Beans Game

Candy Smasher Sugar crush is a very fun and addictive match puzzle game! Get your sugar fix by matching and crushing various sweet treats in the game. You have Sunkist fruit gems, bonbons, chocolates, jelly blast, and so many more! If you are a candy mania you will totally enjoy playing this version of camdy crush or jelly crush. Candy Smasher Sugar Crush is a hit 2018 game that is enjoyable to play for kids and adults. It has awesome graphic and gameplay and you can play it anytime for FREE.

Join the adventure of the candyman who is defeating evil that is lurking in this beautiful and sweet kingdom! You can help him by crushing candies. Slide the Sunkist fruit gems, bonbons, and jellies to create match three, four, or even match five. You will get Boom Bonbon or striped candies. These bonus candies will help you cruhs and perform satisfying jelly blast that will help you achieve your target score much faster. So, gather your wits, try to match the sweet treats and get your sugar fix now! Remember that the candyman is waiting for you with a grand reward at the end of your adventure!

Camdy Crush Jelly Blast is truly a masterpiece 2018 game! Our match three game has superior graphic, smooth gameplay, and awesome storyline. The challenge is beyond finding , swiping, and crushing candies and other sweet treats: you actually have to achieve the target for every level! So, aside from eagle eye, you also have to be a clever strategist and candy mania to cruhs all the levels.




Enjoy our FREE match 3 jelly blast game anytime you want.

Plenty of levels to beat with hundreds hours of fun.

Sharpen your strategy skill by achieving difficult target for each level.

Get striped bonbons for matching 4 sweet treats.

Get bomb for matching 5 sweet treats

Use the special powered jelly blast to cruhs the candies on the board

Pretty and colorful game graphic that everyone loves.

Very addictive and entertaining

Explore the candy land with the candy man.

Suitable for kids and adults, especially if you are a candy mania!

New levels added for more fun.

Get your sugar fix, guilt free.

Our FREE camdy crush game is good for your kids. The children can enjoy the game because they will enjoy the colorful graphic that depicts various sweet treats like Sunkist fruit gems in the candy kingdom. Since most kids are candy mania, they will fall in love with this game once they try it. This 2018 game will teach them to think and strategies, not just swiping and crushing candies. It is also very replayable because you can replay every level to achieve higher score than your previous try.

One thing for sure, you will never get bored when you have such an exciting game to play and adventure to go to on your phone!


Do you love our Candy Jelly Crush game? We hope you do! However, if you find any glitch or bug when you play our Candy Jelly Crush game, please send us an email. We will fix the issue ASAP.

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