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Bus Simulator Real

Bus Simulator Real

by shadow mission


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Bus Simulator Real
Bus Simulator Real
Bus Simulator Real

Bus Simulator real is India based bus simulator game that will provide the real
bus driving environment. Bus Simulator Real game play has city bus driving,
village bus driving, hill bus driving,desert bus driving, and snow bus driving.
bus simulator real game provides city bus, tourist bus, coach bus, town bus,
government bus, and foreign bus to give realistic play experience.

The entire game play is based on different locations like city, village, hills, snow, 4 way and much more. The driver should transport passengers from one location to another location. based on the drivers behavior they can earn more money. the virtual money is used for buying petrol and service bus...

bus simulator real is free bus game, that provides free custom bus designs, free
bus design, free bus horn, bus driver customization, and Indian buses. Bus simulator real also gives bus driver walking mode to enjoy driving locations by walk.

Bus simulator real also provides bus customization using texture design settings. the player can customize bus design, horn with multi model buses. Realistic locations, beautiful hill driving, varieties of bus models and AI vehicles...

bus simulator real maps are fully based on Indian cities, Indian hills,
Indian villages, Indian snow, and Indian deserts. Bus Simulator real also has
Indian bus chassis driving.

Bus Simulator Real only provides very close object placement with realistic environment support. A Game Play consists various amounts of nature objects like trees, grass, botanical plants, different plants, land surfaces and much more...

Bus Simulator Real features :
-16 free bus designs
- India based bus driving environment
- Free bus customization, free bus horn, free bus designs
- Realistic AI vehicles in bus driving locations
- different Cameras while bus drive
- Free Bus drive, carrier Bus Drive, and Time Mode Bus drive
- Simulate Bus in Rain/Snow Mode
- Bus Driver walking Mode
- Bus passengers pick up
- Indian bus dashboard
- Add more and more buses
-local environment based maps..
- 4 different bus models
- high end graphics support for all mobile configurations..
- Customize buses with different designs and horn
- Very interactive user interface ..
- realistic AI vehicles like car,truck,lorry,bus, and auto..
- fantastic sound effects and horn sounds..
- Different Camera views for the best driving experience..
- various driving play modes like free drive and carrier drive..
- Rainy Mode with animated wiper..
- Animated passengers up and down in buses..
- Movable Interior view and beautiful dashboard..
- All customized buses added in game without affecting default buses...
- Good Graphics with multiple graphics settings..
- Different type of lights settings ..
- Free bus Design with pumpers, headlight, backlight, top, ladder

Bus Simulator Real Tips and Instructions:
- Bus Player can Choose various types of graphical settings based on phone configurations..
From Bus settings menu you can choose Bus steering controls, Bus steering wheels, graphics, and play modes(night,day night cycle, Rain)..
- Using virtual money you can fill the diesel in the petroleum bunks in bus game play..
suppose your bus is in trouble Bus simulator player can service their bus using service button ..
- For night mode Player can switch on lights to drive good way..
- choose bus custom design option to change the design of bus..

Bus Simulator Custom Design Textures Link:


We are working on bus design textures.
design Images will upload soon on Drive


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