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Bubble Bump - Swipe Smash Boom

Bubble Bump - Swipe Smash Boom

by Mady Love

Bubble Bump - Swipe Smash Boom
Bubble Bump - Swipe Smash Boom
Bubble Bump - Swipe Smash Boom


It’s bubblicious, its amici and most of all it is the addiction for hours.

Can you solve all the challenges before you run out of moves? Discover this amazing, tricky and challenging addiction. Conquer the tricky challenges and be lost in the delicious dark magical lands.

Swipe, switch and match to enjoy the non-stop entertainment and magic. Discover hundreds of fun entertaining puzzles with addictive modes and amici adventures. Explore the twists and turns on each level to be entertained.

It’s delicious, it’s tempting and it is a free game and comes with no age limit. Kids will find it dazzling and helpful for the minds as they solve the challenging adventures. Beautiful and charming animations will attract you to this enchanting addiction.

Get on this amazing discovery ride and beat your limitations making high scores. Enjoy the perks of this free game as much as you can. The game is sweet so you will make it sweeter.

This pleasant puzzle adventure is the best for your idle time. Kill your idle time with this sweet game and relax your mind from the daily hectic work routine.

Groom the cognitive and decision making skills solving these puzzles efficiently. Make your strategy and think hard before you make a move. Compete with your friends and see who is the best.

Kids love puzzle solving and this free game is the best choice they have. It offers a dark color scheme which makes the kids love this game. A lot of people are onto this game so what are you waiting for?

Game Features:

◉ Easy to Learn, Swipe, Match and Boom
◉ HD & 3D Graphics, Fun & Highly Addicted
◉ Amazing Game-Play
◉ Impossible Challenges
◉ 2 Adventurous Game Modes
◉ Hundreds of Levels
◉ Small Memory, Download on the subway
◉ Totally Free
◉ Candy Crush Matching Techniques

Take on to this sweet and lovely ride to be lost in these adventures and discover your own limitations with the high scores.

Feel free to send us your precious feedback.

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