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Brewtoon Tycoon

Brewtoon Tycoon

by Joanne Romriell


More Info

Brewtoon Tycoon
Brewtoon Tycoon
Brewtoon Tycoon
Brewtoon Tycoon
Brewtoon Tycoon

Are you ready to become an expert craft brewer? You have come to the perfect place! Welcome to the number one brewery simulator. It’s lager than life!


Main Features

-Fun, simple gameplay

-Earn constant rewards

-Brew all different kinds of beer

-Fill orders in the tasting room

-Make deliveries to venues around the world

-Inspired by rubberhose cartoons of the 1930s

-Learn interesting and exciting beer facts

-Grow your business from your basement all the way to a full-sized industrial brewery

-Try to keep your brews at the right temperature in our one-tap minigame

-Design your own label

-Add special ingredients

-Upgrade your equipment

-Brew both ales and lagers

-Unlock many different ingredients

-Increase the worth of your beer

-Expand into all different kinds of bottles and containers

-Hire skilled employees who add all kinds of benefits

-Catch mischievous critters running amok in the brewery

-Order new supplies and ingredients

-Enter exciting contests to win special prizes

-Sell your beer at special events and venues

Brew Room

Brew a variety of exciting beer types! Progress through all different kinds of ale and lagers. Order ingredients. Unlock special flavors. Boost the worth of your beer. Upgrade your equipment to brew larger quantities of beer worth more and more money.


Tasting Room

Serve all kinds of beer to a variety of different of customers. It’s time to get some pub-licity.


Storage Room

Fill orders from grocery stores, bars, and venues all around the world. Order supplies and new kinds of ingredients. Contribute beer to special events and contests. It’s a golden hop-portunity.


Brewery Blueprint

Upgrade your brewery to create more space and brew more beer.


Vision board

Envision your future success as the ultimate brewmaster. Upgrade your location and business.


Become the ultimate Brewtoon brewmaster! Brew can do it!

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