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Brawl Colors

Brawl Colors

by Sergio Iglesias Montes


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Brawl Colors
Brawl Colors
Brawl Colors
Brawl Colors
Brawl Colors

Brawl Colors★ The best color brain teaser.
Are you ready to take up a brain challenge?

Improve your intelligence with Brawl Colors!. Chill out puzzling game, satisfy your brain with challenges. Switch the colors and change the perspective. Designed to challenge your intelligence. If you wanna be the very best puzzler, Like no one ever was ,This is your real IQ test, To improve your intellect is your cause.

New skins for the pieces.

★ Lego blocks.
★ Fruit.
★ Rice and pudding friends.
★ Trick and treat sweets.
★ Farm animals (Cow and pig).
★ Space inspired (earth, moon, alien rocket).
★ Kitties.
★ Fast Food (Burger, hot dog)
★ Cookie monster.
★ Robots
★ Halloween costumes (pumpkin ,ghost, vampire)

Combine color puzzle blocks, no time limit, move the new blocks with your finger to switch the colors. Concentrate on your steps so you don't run out of space. Brawl Colors is an addictive, easy and logical quiet game. Try to maintain the balance between the two colors.

Brawl Colors, the perfect challenge for your intelligence for a chill out brain training on the bus, at school or in the office. Improve your score and share it with your friends.Enjoy a quiet game for any time, anywhere and a short time.

Download and start to improve your intelligence today!

Brawl Colors features: 

➜ Puzzle Game.
➜ Brain Teaser.
➜ Physics Puzzler.
➜ Family Friendly Puzzle Game.
➜ Infinite Gameplay.

Coming soon!: 

★ Share your highscore with your friends.
★ Google play achievements.

This is a new Block Puzzle game created by Pudding Games published by Demium Games.


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