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Brain Dead:Crayon Puzzle

Brain Dead:Crayon Puzzle

by Windmill Studio


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Brain Dead:Crayon Puzzle
Brain Dead:Crayon Puzzle
Brain Dead:Crayon Puzzle
Brain Dead:Crayon Puzzle
Brain Dead:Crayon Puzzle

Brain Dead is an ambiguously creative brain riddle game of crayon physics. Draw something to solve all the challenging brain puzzles. At some stages you will find it really frustrating and brain dead but that is the cache here. Brain Dead is for all those who love to play puzzle games, strategy games and card games. Will you be able to clear these simple-looking but actually difficult stages?

Try brain dead: crayon puzzle and take your puzzle solving frustration to next level.

Brain Dead: Crayon Puzzle features:

  1. Draw shapes to clear the levels
  2. Focus and determination is highly valued
  3. Levels are frustrating sometimes, but fully engaging with brain riddle levels
  4. Some levels have bump two balls concept
  5. In some levels you have to bump two balls in the single jar
  6. Perfect Brain exercise
  7. Every level comes with new brain challenge
  8. You can improve your score by trying to solve the brain riddle as early as possible
  9. You can draw only a single shape to complete the target


How to play:

  • Draw shapes of any kind to complete the task in each level
  • Sometimes you may draw something wrong, but try again and again to complete the level.
  • You will find it frustratingly interesting as you make have to try almost 100 times
  • Physics based puzzle gaming
  • Enjoy crayon puzzle with physics rule. Enjoy the simple yet sometimes challenging brain twisting problems!


In this crayon puzzle game draw some shape to complete the task, but at some levels you will have to try some other shapes as you will find it easy to complete the task. The rule is very simple, just draw something. In some levels there is a concept of bump two balls, which is really very entertaining and engaging. With this game you can improve your puzzle solving skills , calculation, speed and observation and above all, you will start loving physics and its logics.


You can only draw something once in the game. You cannot draw some other shapes in the same level.  Brain Dead: Crayon puzzle is simple yet amazing and addictive puzzle.

In the beginning we are coming up with 50 levels and will add some more and refreshing levels with every update.

If you like this game, please rate it and leave your valuable comments and feedback. Your feedback will help us improve the game play.

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