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Brain Buxa

Brain Buxa

by Seo Brainbuxa

Brain Buxa
Brain Buxa
Brain Buxa

Dear Editor,

I hope you are doing great!!!

We are happy to announce that we at "Brain Buxa" have developed a fantastic educational app "Education News - Articles and Jobs" which we released a few days ago.


It’s available on google play store click here to download: 


Education News by Brain Buxa is an revolutionary daily news app that simplifies our life by providing latest information on latest topics trending around the world related exclusively with education, jobs and motivational interviews which we publish it our official brain buxa blog. The app gives access to the variety of news and articles on variety of important issues which are generally ignored by some of the renowned media houses.

The app is primarily focused on education news & analysis, education blogs, jobs and motivational interviews prepared with lot of hard work, ground level research on daily basis which provide incredible source of information for free. With our app, user will get access to the premium content related with education, jobs or who want to know about interview tips and tricks from our motivation interviews section.

You can access all of this premium content of app using user friendly UI or by switching to the tab section area to access the content with just a single touch.

Premium features of the app:

User friendly Interface

 We have created a very easy to use interface, so that user can have a full access to all our articles, blogs, interviews and jobs in a few seconds and within a few taps.

Wide Selection of categories

User doesn’t need to worry about if you will find only news inside our app because we have many other categories that you will love. We guarantee that you will be able to find anything you are looking for with our Education News.

Main categories:

Education News: In this category, we try to find answers for parents and kids for issues related with nursery admission, competitive exams preparation, school board exams and much more. All of our ground reports visit kindergartens, schools, colleges, completive educational institutes, discuss issue with administration, kids and often parents and then prepare the article stories.



Blogs: Our BrainBuxa blog is a gold mine of loads of educational stuff related with emerging topics, educational institutes, and review on careers, syllabus and much more. We invite reputed academicians, professors, corporate professionals to share their thoughts, ideas and stories which can motivate our young generations.

Jobs: We have tied up with variety of premium industry sources which continuously provide the best of information for competitive exams, especially related with Indian subcontinent.

Interviews: This is a phenomenal section for those who want aspiration in life to achieve success. We continuously search for young talented talents who have changed the world with their thinking. This section is worth and highly recommended for all of us to get inspiration from those who have made it big in their life.

Free For Life, Now and Always

For the betterment of our planet and fellow citizens of mother earth, our app is FREE and it will stay Free for life!

We recommend you try our Education News - Articles and Jobs app & write the best review about app features and spread the love and knowledge together. Thanks a lot in advance for considering our app for review and to keep us motivated!


Please watch about our app to know it in more detail and I am sure you will surely like our honest and hard work.



Please drop a mail if anything required. 


Wish you a happy and prosperous new year!


Best regards,





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