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Beggars Pocket -Puzzle Game

Beggars Pocket -Puzzle Game

by 30Pebbles GameStudio


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Beggars Pocket -Puzzle Game
Beggars Pocket -Puzzle Game
Beggars Pocket -Puzzle Game
Beggars Pocket -Puzzle Game
Beggars Pocket -Puzzle Game

Here come an exciting Brain Teaser puzzle game Beggars Pocket from 30Pebbles Game Studio.

Beggars Pocket is a simple math puzzle which is simple addictive keeps you playing it.

Move the coin with your finger and drop on to the beggar, donate coins to beggars and achieve the predefined level result. Donate all coins from wallet and satisfy all the beggars with your judgemental skills. It’s a Math puzzle with truly fun graphics and game play.

Help section in the game explains the way of playing. Ready to solve the math puzzle levels then just download and explore the deepest of your minds…

No complicated Math included. Simple Math puzzle with fun factor.


If you like different types of puzzle game as mentioned below then surely you like this game as well

Math Puzzle, Game of numbers.

Sliding Puzzle, Sliding Puzzles are games based on move.

Solitaire / Solitare, old classic Challenging game.

Maze Puzzle, Just escaping the maze that’s it.

Sudoku Puzzles, numbers logic game, looks simple but difficult to master it.

Brain Teasers, Best way to Exercise your brain.

Line Connecting Puzzles, connect the dots to gain a lot.

Match-3 Puzzles, easy puzzle type at first then hard as it goes. Example is Crush type Candy games.

Retro type Games, classical games with amazing fun.

Physics Puzzles, physics based amazing games.

Exam Tutorial type game, It test our aptitude skills, train our brain to come out of difficult situations.

Family Puzzle games, everyone in our family can enjoy the game.

Puzzle Game, provoke our thinking skills with fun included.

Block Puzzle, move the blocks by unblocking few blocks according to logical level game type.

All are Smart games, thinking games, strategy games, and mind games.



MATH PUZZLE free game.

For all, adults, kids, women, all ages.


40 Levels, more to come in next updates.

Unlock next level by solving present level.

Enjoy the simple math puzzle.

No time limit, but score will be calculated on your time and Level completed.

No internet required game, no wifi required game, no data required game.

It’s an offline game.

Limited Ads, no ads while solving levels i.e no ads game while level solving.

No Banner Ads at all…


LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENT designed by us to meet your game play.

Worldwide top scores.


Play when you are free.

No annoying notifications.

Unroll the excitement ahead.

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