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Battery Saver & Optimizer - Phone Cleaner

Battery Saver & Optimizer - Phone Cleaner

by Nine2Tech

Battery Saver & Optimizer - Phone Cleaner
Battery Saver & Optimizer - Phone Cleaner
Battery Saver & Optimizer - Phone Cleaner
Battery Saver & Optimizer - Phone Cleaner
Battery Saver & Optimizer - Phone Cleaner

Battery Saver & Optimizer - Phone Cleaner helps you to save battery, enhance battery life and provides you battery optimizer features. Effective battery saver controls battery drain and optimize battery lifetime by shutting down extra running apps. Charge battery by solving low battery problem this power saver provides battery booster that boosts your battery timing and let you plan your battery usage effectively.

Battery Saver & Optimizer - Phone Cleaner provides you app cleaner, junk cleaner, cache cleaner along with best antivirus. Just with one click you can boost your phone and charge battery. Fastest clean operation performs by battery app, the operation includes several functions like system cleaner, app cleaner, phone charger, junk cleaner, cache cleaner, virus scan and it also clean memory to boost your phone.

Power battery saver is also a phone cleaner app and power saver app which does not need online connectivity to perform cleaning and boosting tasks. Works best on all version of android OS and cell phones. Install Battery Saver & Optimizer - Phone Cleaner to completely clean your phone and boost your memory and power for long lasting battery timing. Terminate all useless apps which drain power and increase heat in phone to charge battery smoothly.

Get rid of power draining apps, this battery app clean the garbage on just one click. Clean sweep most of your apps with this storage cleaner and save battery, super cleaner will provide you an ease to boost your phone through virus scanner. Battery charger will charge phone with this effective battery saver and increase batterylife in this battery app. On the tap of a single button you can do battery check, optimize your power battery and save power and clean sweep all the viruses with virus scanner.

What feature will this app provides you?

Battery Saver & Optimizer - Phone Cleaner does not only provides you junk cleaning, battery charger and virus scanning but it also provides the complete usage statistics of an app for battery optimizer to completely handle the performance of an app.
• App cleaner
• Junk Cleaner
• Storage Cleaner
• Cache cleaner
• Virus Cleaner
• Power saver- Tracking and maintaining your current battery level
• Battery controls- Super long standby power saving mode, sleep mode, Power battery, 
boosting of battery lifetime
• Easy to use and simple interface
• Complete guidance about power hungry apps and battery usage 
• Throw away power-hungry apps for longer-lasting charge
• Adjust battery level automatically or manually
• Battery charger fast app
• Customize effective battery saver moods according to your needs
• Battery boost lifetime on a single tab

You don’t have to always check out the app to extend the batterylife. Upon installation, Effective battery saver will automatically get control on your battery and apps and work on its own. Rather you can change the settings later on according to your needs. Save your phone from hazardous viruses and improve its battery lifetime for longer usage with this charging app.

Battery cooler app for android is the simplest app to keep your battery boost, health fully charged by controlling power consuming apps, cooling down battery temperature and monitoring battery status!

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