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Bantasy – Free Fantasy Sports

Bantasy – Free Fantasy Sports

by Jagdeep Sharma

Bantasy – Free Fantasy Sports

BANTASY is a FREE and entertaining FANTASY SPORTS GAME! Compete DAILY with the Fantasy DREAM TEAM you create! NEVER LOSE A DIME because Bantasy is not gambling! You don’t use real money! Enjoy the THRILL of daily competition in American sports: Baseball, American Football and Football Soccer: Spain Primera Division League with QUICK RESULTS, while playing like a HIGH ROLLER!

Pick a Contest
At Bantasy, we believe there’s a direct correlation between creativity and passion. If you create a contest, it’s part of you, and you’ll do everything you can to win it. But creativity is a fickle mistress, so you can always choose from other contests and still beat the pants off of those guys. Of course, all contests are free to create or enter. The more daily contests you enter, the higher your chances of winning are. REMINDER: You love winning!

Draft Your Dream Team, Baby!
What’s better than 50 grand (besides more than 50 grand)? Getting to spend it all at once! It’s a level playing field until you select the line-up for your dream team, and $50,000 is your spending cap to fill all the position slots. This is the kick-off to your strategy, and you’ll choose from among your favorite MLB players. Complete this step, and you’re ready to enter your first contest. Be sure to make any last minute changes to your player roster before the game begins.

Create Your Own Contest
So you like things your way, do you? Well, so do we! In every daily contest created by your peers, there’s plenty of action and excitement, but creating your own contest adds a new dimension of thrill, and you can share it with your friends. Even take turns with your friends creating your own contests, and compare weekly winnings among yourselves.

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