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Bang the Bridge Wall

Bang the Bridge Wall

by LancerWonders

Bang the Bridge Wall
Bang the Bridge Wall
Bang the Bridge Wall
Bang the Bridge Wall
Bang the Bridge Wall

Hey Pals,

Here is an innovative game from LancerWonders, which will rack your memory and recollection power! This is a puzzle adventure type or ultimate logo quiz type game that is hugely thrilling.

Advertisement free Pro version is available on play store.

In this ‘guess the logo’ game, you will need to identify the logos of various companies and organizations located across several countries. If you are unable to guess, you can tap on the “light bulb” to give you a hint! A progress bar under each level selection will display your progress through the game.

In this 2D game, you will be presented several logos (1000+ logos) which you need to identify and fill in the blanks presented to you. This will help you gather more knowledge about branding and logos from different countries such as USA, UK, India, Canada, and Australia.

This is a simple yet exciting game that will test your reminiscence ability to the hilt! With various categories such as:
1. I Know It
2. Word Famous
3. Automobiles
4. India
5. USA
6. UK
7. Australia
8. Canada
Each level has 100-150 logos, while each level displays up to 15 logos. You can select up to 10 levels for each category listed above. As you might have noticed, newly added in this version of the game is the ‘automobile’ category, wherein you will need to identify the logos of various automobiles from around the world!

Identify, Score, Enjoy!

All logos were shown or represented in this game are copyright and/or trademark of their respective owners and corporations.

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