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Auto Merge Chess

Auto Merge Chess

by PyramidaGames

Auto Merge Chess
Auto Merge Chess

Leprica Merge Chess is a castle-based strategy game. So you can play and proof your skill in classic auto game battler gameplay, it additionally boasts simply innovative
5-10+ minute on one matches time (Based Mode), MVP Mode you vs chess boss hero, and the team herowork Wave Clash game mode (1v1). The best chess strategy battler
with heroes for mobile! You can owen your strategy to find the key for win.
Create your race Undead, Humans, Elfes, Orcs, Nagas elite hero formation from a roster of 7 races, 100+ unique heroes and challenge the King of the Leprica Board the top players from all over the world!
The world's of Leprica battler with top Auto Chess eSports league is waiting for you!

[Lets outsmart your wars opponents]
100+ heroes, 1v1 standard chess board-merge strategy you can doo your own economy system smart and player tacke the win! Like a general on the manage Auto Chess' battlefield, set up your best formation, upgrade your level heroes and activate their races combos, and make the best use of stratagy chess combination your gameplay!

Feeling bored playing the game alone? Pit your strategy skills against other players! Come up with your owev winning strategy! The newly proof your skill to adapt your
stragies in real-time optimized-board Squad Clash is now ready. Try it merge-board game now!

[5-10+ minute matches]
10 minutes a match too long for you? Come play MVP or Wave Mode! Its quick matchmaking, with greate role—you'll finish a match end gameplay in a 5 minutes!

[We have no to pay-to-win system]
Real money WAN'T give you buy the victory! Lets Enjoy a chess classic, fair lerpica auto battler!

[Smooth & steady gaming experience]
Start game in with a tap! Smooth and steady merge gameplay awaits you in Leprica Merege Chess !

[Awesome big rewards]
Sign up now for tacke to youe rewards!

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