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Applock: Fingerprint Lock App

Applock: Fingerprint Lock App

by CV Infotech

Applock: Fingerprint Lock App
Applock: Fingerprint Lock App
Applock: Fingerprint Lock App
Applock: Fingerprint Lock App
Applock: Fingerprint Lock App
Applock: Fingerprint Lock App
Applock: Fingerprint Lock App
Applock: Fingerprint Lock App

ppLock protects your privacy with Pattern lock, Fingerprint lock, and PIN lock. Just one click to lock apps and Hide apps with App Locker (App Protector).

# Key features of App Lock-Photo Private Vault

✔App Lock Hide Apps- Prevent your children from using social media with App Locker- Security Lock.
✔Lock Apps - Lock apps like Gallery, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Messenger, Tik Tok, Amazon, etc., and guard your privacy with the best App lock app for Android.
✔AppLock Hide Data - Hide photos and videos with this 100% secure App Locker. Keep your private memories safe, and protect your privacy.
✔App Locker Security Questions - Forgot the password? No worries!! Answer security questions and reset your AppLock password.
✔AppLock Security Lock - The app locker takes a selfie along with the date and time whenever someone enters an incorrect AppLock Password.
✔Protect Private Chats- Protect your private Whatsapp chats with App Lock.

# Highlights of App Locker- App Protector Tool

🔐 Lock Apps/ App Lock
Hide apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Paytm, Telegram, call logs, etc, and shield your data from nosy friends or family members with this App Locker- App Protector. App Lock allows you to choose your favorite security Lock - Fingerprint lock, Pin Lock, or Pattern lock.

📸Intruder’s Activity
Capture the culprit trying to access your private photo vault or lock apps with this app lock.
AppLock snaps photos of any intruder who tries to access your hidden apps by entering incorrect passwords.

🚀App Locker Junk Cleaner
Is your phone getting slower every day? AppLock - Lock Apps has a Professional Junk Cleaner for Android to clean junk files from your phone.

📂Applock File Transfer
Share all apps, photos, or videos with ease with the file transfer feature of the free and secure App Locker app. Select videos, photos, music, apps & e-book, pdf files, or anything, and share them with your friends at lightning speed, even without the network with this AppLock.


🔐Lock App fingerprint password
Why not try the app lock fingerprint? The app hider fingerprint lock will bring you an excellent experience. Instead of adding passwords again and again, you can enable Fingerprint Unlock in app settings if your device supports fingerprint recognition.

🔐Forgot App Lock Password
If you forget your AppLock password and you are worried about your Hidden Photos, then you can reset your AppLock password by a security question.

🔐WhatsApp lock
With App Lock, you can protect WhatsApp and other apps as well. Choose a Fingerprint lock, Pin lock, or pattern lock and safeguard your private WhatsApp chats.

Download AppLock - Private Photo Vault to safeguard your data and apps. If you have any suggestions to improve AppLock please reach out to us at apps@cvinfotech.com.

#About Permissions
Permissions may be required in order to provide you with a more convenient and stable service, and Applock won't use these permissions to access any of your personal information.

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