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Animal Pet Doctor - Toca Life Kids Doctor

Animal Pet Doctor - Toca Life Kids Doctor

by Doodle Game

Animal Pet Doctor - Toca Life Kids Doctor
Animal Pet Doctor - Toca Life Kids Doctor
Animal Pet Doctor - Toca Life Kids Doctor
Animal Pet Doctor - Toca Life Kids Doctor

Pet Doctor Animal Doctor Simulator cat hospital Pet Doctor game & cure Pet Doctor animals like a real pet vet Doctor Game! Pet Doctor Game.

Play Pet Doctor Game cat hospital game & cure animals like a real pet vet!
Take care of cats!
Work as a veterinarian in our animal hospital & do cat surgery on animals - cat care Pet Doctor games with funny pets will make you smile and have a great time taking care of cats!

*** Inside the pet hospital Pet Doctor game, there are many cute animals that you, as the best pet doctor, have to rescue! Download this fantastic pet vet clinic ** Little Game Pet Vet Doctor Game ** and see how amazing pet vet games and hospital games are!

*** Start your pet adventure with amazing "Doodle games" and all cute pets will love you, their vet doctor! Cure little cats in these "cat games" from different injuries and diseases in your Toca Life cat clinic:

** Fever – help your kitty cat patients by taking their temperature and giving them a medicine!
** Thorns – extract thorns with real veterinary equipment, spray thicks & apply an ointment!
** Ear infection – find and kill bacteria that are hiding in the ears of adorable pets!
** Sore throat – spray the nasty bacteria, cure cute pets and be the best veterinary doctor in the world!
** Bites – make a potion to treat cats that got bitten!
** Cuts – pets are clumsy, so there's a lot of work for a skilled "cat veterinarian" to clean wounds, play stitching games and put a bandaid on!
** Stomach ache – in this crazy pet surgery game, you can also perform ultrasound like in a real animal hospital! When pets are cured, feed the kitty with food from a pet store!
** Broken bones – pet caring games also include fixing broken bones! You're the best animal doctor & surgeon so you must do cat care & surgery all alone!
** Toothache – your cute pet cat patient has some cavity issues! Feel like a real pet dentist & have fun because animal dentist games are so addictive!
** Cure kitty cats and collect stars to open new cat hospitals & vet clinics for your furry cat patients! Collect many stars to be able to play all cat doctor games in our animal hospital!

*** You will love being a doctor playing hospital games and surgery games! Virtual pet care games have the cutest HD graphics & pleasant background music – you'll be the happiest kitty cat doctor in all animal vet games if you come and play our funny cat care game!

*** Cute pets are waiting in line in your cat hospital and you need to take care of sick animals by playing different cat care games! Pet care in ** Doctor Game: Pet Vet Pony Kitty Cat Baby Doctor ** consists of many steps, so you must perform pet surgery very carefully in your veterinary clinic!

*** "Pet vet games" are great educational games and creative games at the same time! Taking care of a pet Toca Life is fun but pet care skills are important! In our pet clinic – animal hospital game, you're a famous veterinarian who does cat makeover and cat care like no one else!

*** Take care of pets in this animal care game and cure sick pets in your virtual pet clinic! Cat doctor games are so addictive, the time will just fly by while you're playing "animal surgery games" in our vet clinic for little pets!

*** We designed the cutest pet kitty games for girls and boys, who want to be pet vets when they grow up! Our kitty hospital for kitty care is the ultimate pet vet game where you get to do vet surgery games and be the funny cat veterinarian!

*** Download our new animal vet game ** Doctor Game: Toca Life Cat Baby Doctor ** and start you cat vet career – cure cats from around the world and provide vet care for animals in this Toca Life pet veterinary game! Pet Vet, Doctor Game.

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