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Angry Dino Zoo Transport 3D

Angry Dino Zoo Transport 3D

by Lisa Jeff


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Angry Dino Zoo Transport 3D

Play the latest angry dinosaur zoo transporter game which is most thrilling and challenging game.This transporter cargo simulator game is full of angry dinosaur action and thrilling.Are you ready for the dangerous tasks?In this game you will Drive heavy transport trucks to excavate through and transport the angry vicious dinosaurs to their Jurassic zoo in time.The new-York city is overwhelmed with Jurassic dinosaur beasts who are on a total rampage to crush the big 3D city.Its time to Get them and lock them into cages and send to their Jurassic zoo with carefully through transport truck in this animal zoo simulator tycoon.When you will drive the heavy transporting truck through the forest you must be on the watch for these vicious dinosaurs in this angry animal zoo simulator.In this game a man will catch the angry dinosaurs, lock them into cages and will transport T-Rex to their Jurassic zoo.

Keep the big 3D city safe for your people and protect them from the ancient beasts.In this game you will have two heavy transport trucks to drive and reach where angry Dinosaurs are damaging the assets in city.Take your heavy zoo transport truck trailer to put Spinosaurus,Carnotaurus,Dilophosaurus,Triceratops & Velociraptor in trailer truck and transport dinosaurs back to the zoo.Your job is to take the Jurassic beasts wild Dino's to the city zoo from the theme park.Have fun with offroad driving adventure while transporting the giant prehistoric beast.Beware of the dinosaur after getting near to beasts .Run and save your life from the jungle dinosaurs.

Be a guardian of the prehistoric beast and be a Dino transport legend and show your transporting skills in this angry dinosaur zoo transport simulator.Get behind the wheels,take a seat and buckle up your seat belt and hold your steering wheel. Get ready for a crazy ride, accelerate your speed and do not crash anything on your way and pass through the excavated road.In this game ten levels are very exciting and difficult, each level will be difficult as compere to previous level.There is railway track and train moving around in the dino park stay away from the train.

Dinosaur zoo transport features:

-Epic Third person Controller animations
-Run and save your life from Predators
-Drive a heavy armored truck through excavated forest
-Transport the prehistoric beasts to city zoo
-Transporting Simulator and forest Driving Missions
-Realistic 3D Models with HD graphics
-10 exciting levels to play

This is one of best experience game for kids which gives you the best dinosaur simulator, Dino hunter and Dino transporter experience.Show your transporting skills and be brave to catch all the wild dinosaurs before they hurt anyone in their Dino attack city to save the Jurassic island.Angry dinosaur zoo Transport truck 2017 is an extreme heavy engine truck driving fever.Download our Ultimate T-Rex Simulator game to enjoy dinosaur rampage.

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