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Ambulance Simulator Game

Ambulance Simulator Game

by Lisa Jeff


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Ambulance Simulator Game
Ambulance Simulator Game

Get ready ambulance driver you’re on-duty and there is massive accident in this ambulance game 2016! Pick the doctor to the injured patients! Hurry up.. it’s a rescue mission! Rush your ambulance to get to the scene of accident in time. Drive FAST around the city safely and provide first aid .911 Alert it's an emergency , turn on the sirens and push the throttle! Look out for the hurdles, sharp turns and on-coming traffic. Loved ones are depending on you. Be their savior! You must be a fan of the driving games. We assume that you're crazy about rescue injured people as well.

This ambulance game is what you need! Turn on the sirens and try to become an ambulance driver in one of the best ambulance simulator 2016 game. There are many rescue missions and you must be in a state of emergency all the time.Ever wondered about the hustle and bustle of emergency medical rescue?Ambulance driver job is dangerous so be careful! Duty driving is not that easy.Play as a rescue ambulance driver and run into those in need on curvy, hilly roads.You can driving around the big city, suburbs, construction sites, parks and even the beach.

It's crazy how the city lives - cars are crossing. Drive FAST, yet SAFELY, and use your alert eye to deliver aid. Get in your ambulance, fasten your seat belts and become a city traffic racer to transfer patients.Race your car through the big city traffic, let doctor rescue injured in accidents and drive them safely to the hospital. Life in the city is crazy, watch out for the people and the traffic.

Ambulance Simulator Game 2016 features:

- Rescue missions as you drive around the city
- Full 3D City large environment
- Drive Ambulance Vehicles
- Simulator driving smooth controls
- Realistic ambulance driver missions
- Drive the patients to the hospital
- Realistic Animated Passengers

Nothing is as stimulating as saving a life!Packed with thrilling rescue missions, time and efficiency is what matters most. Feel the thrill of steering the ambulance through beautiful but dangerous mountains! Many different routes across the city and Intelligent Hill Traffic system. Start here to learn how to drive an ambulance truck and park it in front of a big city parking 3D hospital. Show your skills of precision driving and parking skills while you stay stress resistance. You need to avoid different vehicles, otherwise you would need to start all over again. Take the victims to the hospital to make sure they get well bring them fast to hospital. This 3D ambulance driving simulation game is the best among the other parking ambulance games!

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