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All Video Player (HD) All Formats Support 2019

All Video Player (HD) All Formats Support 2019

by silicon.apps

All Video Player (HD) All Formats Support 2019
All Video Player (HD) All Formats Support 2019
All Video Player (HD) All Formats Support 2019
All Video Player (HD) All Formats Support 2019
All Video Player (HD) All Formats Support 2019

Looking for a handy, user friendly cross platform multimedia player? Well your search is over. Now All Video player (HD) provides you a smooth easy to use media player which supports all video formats like Mp4, Mp3, AVI, MOV, WAV, FLAC video. All video player is one of the best user friendly player of all time for all android users.
All video player (HD) also helps you in protecting your private videos from being deleted or any unauthorized use and also identify all video files on your device and SD card automatically, In addition to manage and share.
Auto-video play automatically plays next video when the current one ends. It will give you the option of playing any video of your choice in a loop which play your favorite same song as long as you want. You can easily turn ON/OFF this feature.
All video player (HD) simply upscale your experience of watching with its amazing features.
All Media Player provides you multiple settings like volume, brightness, control, auto rotation, ratio adjustments which can be used adjust the video according to user’s mood preferences.
Whether it’s your college function, home coming party, video of some road trip or just some of your favorite random movie with the help of our media controller feature. You could easily forward and backward video in a blink and also seek it to a specific position using your finger in gesture seek function.
Mark videos as favorite edit your videos and save it again or move and delete the video from gallery using our quick access feature. You can share your videos with your family and friends via social networking sites and also get the option to trim the video and set the accurate length according to your social media sites’ specifications.
The specialty of this player is its smooth HD video player, high definition video player, AVI, media format mp4 video player, ultra HD video player, HD media player

How to use
• Quick access to show videos in a list.
• Play video smoothly and easily from a list
• Easily control display brightness, screen rotation during play video.
• Tap to play pause and step forward and backward.
• Easily access next video without an opening gallery.

Key Features
• Support most popular video files formats like FLV, MKV, MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV,
• WAV, FLAC video now it supports Audio feature as well.
• Quick access with single tap button, smooth playback support.
• Power optimization to for mobile battery survival for a long time.
• Search folders directly in mobile storage.
• Control mobile screen for brightness and aspect ratio.
• Supports gestures to control volume and brightness.
• Watch the video at fast speed.
• Thumbnail displays of videos & Multi-audio streams and multi-subtitles
• Resume points to remember last pause position of your video.
Video sharing.
• Pause, play and seek to favorite position of media player (Video).

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