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ABCD Drawing

ABCD Drawing

by Systweak Software


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ABCD Drawing
ABCD Drawing
ABCD Drawing
ABCD Drawing
ABCD Drawing

To make learning experience fun for kids, we bring you the ultimate learning app for your children. It helps your kids under 5 years learn alphabets, numbers, and how to draw, while ensuring that learning never gets boring.

With lots of animation, the learning turns into fun, which will keep your child engaged. This application is so colorful that it makes educational activities fun.


● Beautiful and intuitive interface.
● Sound for actions will help kids learn better.
● Wonderful animations.
● Helps in learning colors.
● Learn to write alphabets and numbers.
● No Ads.

Three modules:

1. Learn Alphabet-

This section helps children learn alphabets in the most fun way. Each alphabet appears on the screen with an object to help them remember it easily. The sound will also help your child learn what it is on the screen. This is how they learn faster, and visual aids help them memorize alphabets. One can swipe back and forth to move in the alphabetical order. Users can choose to use this exercise in the landscape or portrait mode on their phones.

● Tap on the Select button to jump to any alphabet from the list.
● Sound button to turn on or off as your choice.
● Replay button to play the recording for the alphabet on repeat.
● Home button to take you back to the home page.
● Portrait button to turn it into Portrait mode as it’s on landscape mode on default.

2. Musical Drawing-

The musical drawing section helps children in improving their cognitive skills. They learn to recognize colors and how to draw different shapes. This gives you a clean sheet on the screen to draw anything they want. They can choose from the five given colors to paint the sheet on the screen. To help them learn, each time you pick a color, the name of the color will be played. For example, if you choose pink, the sound will say Pink, or if you choose green, the sound will play Green. Other instructions such as undo, redo, erase, and save will be played on the sound.

● Five colors: Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet (with separate musical notes for each).
● New - To begin with a new clear page to start a new drawing.
● Erase- To clear parts of the drawing.
● Undo/Redo - To go back and forth for your actions.
● More - To load the previous paintings.

3. Practice Writing-

This section will help children learn the basics of writing. They will get to see Alphabets and numbers on screen, which can be traced by putting their finger on it. Tap on Done to finish the task or Reset to clear and try again. The app will match the results and show you the percentage of the letter tracing. The Alphabets are given in capital letters and small letters along with the numbers from 0 to 9.

● Three modules - Capital letters, small letters, and numbers.
● Select any letter or number from the screen.
● Done to finish drawing.
● Reset- To clear the current and begin fresh.
● Next- To move to the next one in line.
● Retry- To keep practicing the current letter or number.
● Exit from practice- To go back to the Practice writing page.

Encourage your kids to have fun with this drawing and learning app. This application is developed by Systweak Software, a leading name in Software and IT Solutions.

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