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A % Percentage Calculator

A % Percentage Calculator

by Arpa Studio


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A % Percentage Calculator
A % Percentage Calculator
A % Percentage Calculator
A % Percentage Calculator

This is the Percentage Calculator app that is designed in a unique way that it can solve all your calculation related to your Percentage, CGPA, Discount, Sales tax and Marks in a very accurate and understandable way.
We have the following calculations offering are as follows:

* A Percentage Calculator %
* Marks % Percentage Calculator
* CGPA Calculation
* SGPA Calculator
* GPA to % percentage calculator
* Discount % percentage calculator
* Sales Tax calculator
* Tip calculator
* Inflation Calculator
* Doubling Time
* Margin & Markup Calculator

% Percentage Calculator
In this Percentage Calculator app we offer various operation like general Percentage calculator % , Ratio to % percentage calculator Change in % percentage Calculator which will be helping you in various chores of life.

Marks % Percentage Calculator
We have designed a unique way for the calculations of Marks which allows you to add your obtained marks and total marks of subject. This will calculate your total % percentage obtained.

CGPA Calculation
The CGPA calculation will allow you to calculate your CGPA by entering your SGPA value for each semester. And giving you flexibility in your calculation.

SGPA Calculation
By adding each subject having the credit value the obtained marks in the subject and the total marks in the subject we can find the value of SGPA value with its percentage value for that semester.

GPA to % Percentage Calculator
By entering the value of the % percentage we can find the value of GPA and vise versa

Discount % percentage Calculator
We can enter each item with its actual value, total discount and number of item we can find the value total discount % percentage, total discount amount, total price of all items and the price at which the item is sold or bought.

Sales tax calculator
A sales tax calculator will allow you calculate sales tax percentage and tax amount by entering the respective values.

Tip Calculator
This Tip calculator will allow to calculate tip per person , total bill per person and tip amount based on the minimum required value entered.

Inflation Calculator
An inflation calculator shows what will be the worth of a quantity of money after a certain period of time. It also shows what will be the worth of the same amount of money if invested.

Doubling Time
Doubling Time Calculator will calculate for how much time it will take for something for grow by 100% when it grows by some percentage % each time period.
For example, if one is investing 100$ with a yearly returns of 10% one will have 200$ after 7 years and 3 months.

Margin and Markup Calculator
Margin and Markup Calculator will be helpful for your business that will measures how much of every dollar in sales you keep after paying expenses. In the margin calculation example above, you keep $0.25 for every dollar you make. The greater the margin, the greater the percentage of revenue you keep when you make a sale.
For Markup Calculator is a business tool most often used to calculate your sale price. Just enter the cost and markup, and the price you should charge will be computed instantly. It can also be used to calculate the cost - in this case, provide your revenue and markup.

Along with that we can have a feature that will allow to marks some favorites calculations, which will be helpful for you for easy access.

% percentage Calculators strong feature is that just by entering the value that you know the remaining one will be found automatically. That means any value can be the source or the result for calculation.


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