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100 Gates Symbols

100 Gates Symbols

by Raed Ghazi Selman

100 Gates Symbols
100 Gates Symbols
100 Gates Symbols
100 Gates Symbols
100 Gates Symbols
100 Gates Symbols

100 Gates Symbols Puzzle. Unlock all the puzzle, rooms and doors to get the next level.
Download Now, it's FREE!

Introducing the latest, highly addictive "Room Escape" Puzzle Android game

Can you manage to escape from these mysterious Levels?

Find a way to solve the 100 brain-bending levels by matching the images and using your brain!

Challenge your mind with our brain teasers and Room Escape puzzles and start training your brain now

Once again race against the clock in a game of Match-play, and make your way through complex puzzle in your quest to earn all achievements and escape The Rooms.

★★ How to play ★★
Escape and advance to the next room/level of the game by solving the puzzle.


- 100 levels
- Constant free updates of the game
- Each level has a different puzzle to be solved
- A wide range of difficulty levels from very easy to very hard
- Addicting mini puzzles!
- Social media plugin
- 10 Achievements to earn
- Visual Leader-boards
- Auto-save
- The game is 100% free!

You will be addicted to this game, for SURE!
Enjoy it!


All images presented or used in this game are protected by copyright and / or registered trademarks of the beneficiary entities. The use of the low-resolution images, in order to identify the information within the context, is qualified as allowed under the copyright laws.

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