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1 to 9 BINGO

1 to 9 BINGO

by Luis Anselmo


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1 to 9 BINGO
1 to 9 BINGO
1 to 9 BINGO

BINGO reinvented. Even more fun than normal bingo.

Do you like games like 2048, Freaking Math, Solitaire, Bingo, Sudoku or Casino?

1to9 BINGO is the game just for you. Minimalist and beautifully designed and It's only 2Mb game.

A new way to play bingo that will give you hours of fun.

3 game modes, where you can play just for fun or to be the fastest or to win Coins, the Jackpot or the Superjackpot.

For all ages. Good for Kids and for Adults to do simple math exercises.

Free play (with ads) and no in app purchases.

The  difference for normal bingo is very simple.

You have card with 24 random numbers (1-99) and you need to find:
- The numbers equal or that contains the central number card (white DOT)
- The numbers in which the sum of two digits corresponds to the central number.
- The numbers where the subtraction of two-digit number corresponds to the central number

For example, when the Central number it's equal to 5
number 23 => 2 + 3 = 5
number 72 => 7 - 2 = 5
number 94 => 9 - 4 = 5
number 41 => 4 + 1 =5

<b>GAME MODES:</b>

"1 Bingo" - the central number does not change, what changes are the numbers of the card, when there is no longer any of the combinations (click any number to proceed) or when wrong in choosing the number (loses 5 seconds).

"Arcade Bingo" - be the fastest to clear the card without fail more than 3 times. Whenever failure (lose 10 seconds) or there is no more numbers, the numbers of the card missing and the central number change.

"Bingo 6 and 7" - Only the central number changes as you fail or when there are no combinations. If you can clear the card in the 6 or 7 attempts wins the coins accumulated. Bingo 6 cost 1 Coin and Bingo 7 costs 4 coins.

You can earn coins by playing and completing the levels "1 ball Bingo" and "Arcade Bingo"

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