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三角環形 - Triangles Ring

三角環形 - Triangles Ring

by 唯史 齋藤


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三角環形 - Triangles Ring
三角環形 - Triangles Ring
三角環形 - Triangles Ring
三角環形 - Triangles Ring
三角環形 - Triangles Ring

Ability to build more efficient procedures, the ability to process at the same time. This triangle tells us that.

Rotate the figure made of triangles connected like a ring, exchange colors, and change all the figures into a single color group.
You can do rotating the figure and exchanging adjacent colors.
But when you exchange, all connected colors will switch at the same time!

Let's train your head with a simple, yet deep, color matching puzzle!

● Rotation and change color
Rotation the shape, and the triangles connected by the two lines can exchange colors.
Let's change the colors in the shape by repeating, turning, swapping!

● Replacement becomes complicated when it is 3 or more colors
Three or more colors will be adjacent to multiple figures,
When you press the replacement button, all triangles connected by all the two lines are exchanged at the same time.
The last piece can not be completed without exchanging all parts at the same time!
Let's be conscious of the arrangement of all colors without solving each one.

● Aim for high score!
If you get used to it, try the same task and try to shorten the number of revolutions and the number of exchanges.
You may be able to answer in less time!
Let's compete with friends which can answer more efficiently!
Also post your results on SNS and boast about it.

● Increase the number of triangles?
Increase the number of triangles and shape complexly!
The number of rotations increases, and the number of connections increases.
When adjacent triangles are exchanged at the same time, more sophisticated interaction is required!

● More difficult by increasing the color!
Simple color matching that just aligns the color positions of each other when it is two colors.
But as the number increases to 3 colors and 4 colors, the number of shapes to match will also increase!
Since connection increases, color will be dispersed more and more unless you use your head!

● Do you steadily adjust or parallel processing?
Since the same color is naturally not exchanged, try to match colors that you do not want to be exchanged.
You can use it as a strategy to arrange other places after aligning colors of end shapes first.
However, if you can process efficiently at the same time, you will get answers with shorter button operations.
Can you run multiple processes in parallel?

● Randomly to further unpredictable deployment!
When you turn on random mode, the initial placement of colors will change.
Sometimes colors are close or far away.
Even if you clear the same color, you can try again with the same color with replay!

● Color universal design compliant
The colors prepared on the puzzle screen are colors that are easy to compare for anyone.
We offered puzzles with up to five colors selected for that.

● Multilingual support
Localized to English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean.

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Produced by UminariContents : http://uminari-contents.com/en/

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